Top Ways To Have A Romantic Trip Away!

April 28, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 2572

After a couple has been together awhile, the romance tends to disappear. After all, you are both trying to impress while they are on the first few dates. It might be time to go for a short break to relight the passion. It can be very romantic to get away, and you will soon be falling in love again. Here’re some top tips for having a romantic trip away.


Choose somewhere you first met

If you met while you were on holiday, it might be nice to go back to that place. It will be romantic as you will remember the exciting feelings of fancying the person from when you first saw them. You will soon both be walking around hand and hand and reminiscing about your time there. If you didn’t meet on holiday, why not go somewhere that’s special to one of you. It will still be romantic, and you can look around the area, and can show them why it is so important. Or you should go somewhere you have been as a couple while you have been in a relationship.

Don’t go with friends

To have a truly romantic break away together, you should just go on holiday as a couple. Do not agree to go with a group of friends; you will end up barely spending any time alone together. And the same is true with family; you can’t have a romantic break with your mom and dad sitting next to you. If you really want to go on holiday with someone else, why not choose another couple. They will want to have a romantic time together too, so you can both have separate dinner dates.


Go somewhere private

The best way to have a romantic trip away is to get some privacy. You can’t truly have a romantic trip away if you are surrounded by loads of other people at the hotel. Look into staying at a villa where you will not get distracted by others and get to enjoy the facilities to yourself. Research what the area will be like before you go. It might be wise to go somewhere that fewer tourists visit. You may be surprised to know there are so many islands in the world people still haven’t heard of such as Thanda Island.

Go all inclusive

To have a romantic trip away, you should consider going all inclusive so that neither of you has to bother cooking. It can certainly be less romantic when you have to find some food. By going all inclusive, you can get all your drinks and food included. It’s nice to be treated once in awhile.

Get a limo to airport

If you want to make your other half smile, you should arrange some private transportation to the airport. A limo would be a top choice to impress her and starts the holiday off with a bang. It can be less romantic if you decide to drive yourself, and struggle to find a car parking space!

The most important thing you can do to have a romantic trip away is to spend some quality time on your own.


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