Traveling Tips To Ensure You Don’t Miss A Thing While In London

April 6, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 2073

When you are traveling to a city like London, it’s always hard to get to see everything it has to offer. After all, it’s brimming with history, culture, and sights that you don’t want to miss. And if you are limited for time, it can make it a challenge to see everything. However, here are some traveling tips to ensure you don’t miss a thing while in London.

Get a hop-on, hop-off bus pass

A lot of people don’t actually realize how big London is. But while a lot of the main sights are situated in the central area, some golden spots are in other parts of the city. And while you might love walking, a lot of these can be too far to. However, if you do want to see as much as the city as possible, you should look into getting a hop-on, hop-off bus pass for the time in the city. That way, you can stop at all the top attractions. And as the bus will take you there, you won’t have to worry about getting lost. You will find that a lot of these iconic red bus tours often tell you some extra detail too, so it’s interesting to learn some background. And they may stop at places you hadn’t even thought of visiting. So it can be an excellent way to ensure you see everything London town has to offer.

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Go on a cruise around the Thames

With so many sights to see, it can be a challenge to get around them all. But one fun way to get to see all the main attractions is by going on a cruise around the Thames. After all, you will get to sail past iconic places like London Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. So you will ensure you get to take photos of all the major landmarks. A lot of the river cruises have a commentary too so you can learn more about everything you are passing. You could even combine it with food to make it even more special. As it says on, you can have a set dinner to enjoy while soaking in all the sights. And if you go at night, you will get to enjoy all the beautiful lights in the city. Just like the buses, there are also hop-on, hop-off boats too. So that way, you can get off and explore further!

Get an underground pass

If you ask any of the London locals, they will tell you how vital the underground is to get around London. After all, you can easily get on a tube which will take you to the furthest points of London. And a lot of them stop at the major attractions, so you won’t have to walk far to find what you are looking for. Therefore, it’s worth getting an underground pass to ensure you don’t miss anything while in the city. Just make sure you study the map first on, as it can take a while to understand all the different lines!

And make sure you plan before you go by looking online at sites like That way, you won’t miss any of the top London attractions.

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