Travelling to Bangkok for Breast Surgery

May 28, 2019 • Travel Tips • Views: 1465

Breast surgery, or mammoplasty, is a procedure that allows women to enhance the appearance of their body. Getting a breast implant boosts their women. This treatment increases the breast volume. Women either have small breasts due to genetics or they may lose volume due to weight reduction. Childbirth can also cause a reduction in breast size. If you want to undergo the procedure, you should check out breast augmentation prices in Bangkok.

Typically, the cost of breast implants in first world countries is quite high. Due to this reason, many women are not able to afford the treatment, due to various regulations and the high cost of living. Women from all over the world, especially Australia, are now heading to Thailand for affordable breast implants, let us see why:

Why Aussie Women Go to Bangkok for Mammoplasty?

Bangkok is popular as a medical tourist destination. The cost of cosmetic treatment in Bangkok here is far less than what clinics Down Under charge. In addition, the medical care is of exceptional standards. Most women take a vacation to Bangkok and go under the knife for mammoplasty at the same time. However, many people are apprehensive to get treatments there. They believe the low cost entails substandard treatment.


Why Are the Prices in Bangkok Low?

Breast implants in Bangkok are affordable for a number of reasons. Firstly, the level of competition is high. The government also promotes friendly competition between the clinics, which is a big plus. The competition compels hospitals to keep their prices low.

In addition, the cost of living in Bangkok is really low as compared to Australia. This means that they can hire skilled staff at low salaries. All these factors allow hospitals to maintain low operating costs. Of course, lower operating costs mean low prices.

Quality of Treatment

The doctors in Bangkok are highly qualified. Many doctors even studied abroad and later returned to set up their practice. The facilities here are topnotch and equipped with the latest technology. If you are considering a Bangkok breast surgery, you can be sure you are in the most capable hands.

Price Comparison

If you get breast implants in Australia, you will be paying around AUD $6,500 at an average. However, breast augmentation prices in Bangkok cost about half of this. If you travel to Bangkok, you will only have to pay around AUD $3,800 for the implants.

Travel Expenses

Most women worry about travel expenditures when considering Bangkok breast surgery. With savings of around 50%, you should easily be able to pay for the travel and living arrangements. In fact, you will still be saving a considerable sum of money. Not only will you get breast implants in Bangkok for a low price, you can take a vacation as well. Just be sure to speak to your surgeon prior to planning the trip. You may want to set a few days aside for vacationing after you get the procedure.

Post Procedure Care

Right after the procedure, you will feel soreness and discomfort. The symptoms subside after a few days. Once you reach home, you should be able to resume your daily routine immediately. However, full recovery takes up to six weeks and you should avoid straining yourself.

Bear in mind that if you want to get affordable breast implants, you need to select the right facility. While breast augmentation prices in Bangkok may be low overall, you have to make sure the quality of the treatment is up to par. You should research the best hospitals and doctors on Medical Departures. The doctors listed here are vetted and the portal verifies their qualifications.

If you want to get breast implants but the high cost is a point of concern, you should look at breast augmentation prices in Bangkok. You will get the best treatment at the best price.

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