Unmissable Beaches in Greece

June 12, 2014 • Travel Tips • Views: 3688

Greece will always be associated with the sun, with the sands and with the beauty of the sea. There is absolutely no way you can imagine this country – and you have to admit it. Of course, there are always the famous ancient remains (which are fascinating in their own way), but ultimately, Greece remains one of the top beach destinations in Europe. If you are planning to go there soon or if you just want to daydream about it for a second, here are the top beaches in Greece – the ones you should not miss out on under any circumstances. If you want a dream beach holiday without all the hassle, consider using Neilson Beach Holidays to plan your holiday.


Elafonisi Beach

Voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, this place truly deserves its rank. The sea here will be nothing but crystal blue, the skies are wonderful above you, the sand has caught shades of pink and the whole view is simply mesmerising. You will find this beach on the Southern coast of Crete and other than tourists having fun, there will be little else you will see around you because there are very few hotels. This may not be a pure and untamed beach, but it is definitely one of the marvels of the Greek Islands out there.

The Red Beach

If you go to Santorini, then this beach should be on your must-see places there. The Red Beach, as it is called, is not your average sandy beach, but a rockier one. In fact, the entire beach is found upon red volcanic rock (hence the name of the place) and this will make for an absolutely splendid view. Definitely not something you would want to miss out on!


If you want the peace and quiet of a bay, then this will be the place you will have to visit. Situated in gorgeous Corfu, Paleokastritsa is a series of bays that will take your breath away. The nice small village appearance and the rocks guarding, as well as the general feel of intimacy will definitely win you over.



Again, this will not be your typical beach. As a matter of fact, many would not even refer to it as an actual beach. You will find Sarakiniko in Mylos (and the entire isle is full of such places – just that this one is truly stunning). Rocks and coves, deep blue water and sunny days – this is the only thing you will need to feel happy here.


Well, this will be one of the most stunning beaches you have ever laid your flip flops on . The high and abrupt rocks surrounding the golden sands and the typically Greece blue sea will make for a mesmerising view you will not forget very soon. The entire place seems like torn out of a fairy tale and you will feel that from the very moment you step on the beach. Where can you find this wonder? In the Ionian isles and the best time to go there is, well, any time between May and September.

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