Visiting Krakow: 4 Essential Sights

January 2, 2020 • Travel Tips • Views: 2144

There are few places more fascinating anywhere in the world than Krakow. With plenty of history, stunning architecture, and a lot of amazing places to eat and things to do, it is one of the most interesting and enjoyable places you can go anywhere in Europe. This former royal capital of Poland is flocked by tourists every year, many of them going to see sights of both glory and some of the darker sides of human life. Let’s take a look at four of the essential sights that you must go and see if you are visiting Krakow this year.


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Market Square

You won’t really be able to avoid the main market square while you are there – and that’s just as well, for it is bustling with cafes, shops and eateries which you are bound to want to try out for yourself. This is the focus of the Old Town, and it is actually Europe’s largest medieval town square. Of particular note in this stunning and original square is the Cloth Hall, which you can’t miss (it’s right in the middle) and a Town Hall Tower, which draws many visitors up its stairs every year.


While not in the town itself, most people who are keen to see the Auschwitz concentration camp do so by travelling from nearby Krakow. This is one of the most important sites anywhere in the world for world history, and a standing relic of the Second World War which is today a museum and remembrance site that visitors can visit for free. This will, of course, be a harrowing experience, and you should ensure that you are ready to see some extreme things before you go. But for an educational experience, an Aushcwitz tour is something that you are unlikely to ever forget.


Wawel Hill

This hill – and the castle on the top of it – were at the very heart of Polish royal life throughout the 16th century, and as such this remains a symbol of Polish national identity to this day. It is also just an incredibly beautiful thing to see, and you might be blown away by the sight even from a distance. You can wander around the castle grounds all day long until dusk, and it is likely to be a wonderful day to spend with a romantic partner or even just your family.


St Mary’s Basilica

Anyone who has wandered around Europe for a while will know full well that you can’t go very far in many cities or towns without eventually seeing a basilica. This is essentially a domed church, and it is always a great sight which draws many tourists towards it. In many cases, you can go up them, and that is true of this one, which is one of the main interesting areas you can visit in the beautiful city of Krakow. You should absolutely consider this essential if you want to make sure that you are going to make the most of your visit to Krakow.

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