What To Take On A Luxury Ocean Cruise

March 14, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 2383

Ocean cruises are a wonderful way to see the world. They allow you a unique perspective and the opportunity to explore remote locations. Luxury liners will provide you with many of your creature comforts and much more besides. This will make packing easier. But before taking down your suitcases, read our packing tips to avoid taking too much or too little.

Check with the Liner

There are many reasons to book a cruise. One of those is the level of care and service you can expect to receive. Before your holiday check with the liner as to what items are provided. They will also be able to make recommendations about what to bring with you. This will vary from company to company.

Chartered yacht holidays provide the very best in luxury and service. Yachts such as the Ocean Emerald offer a customized experience. Therefore, your packing requirements are likely to be minimal.


The Essentials

Start with the basics. Make sure your have your passport and all relevant documentation. Check required documentation with the booking company. This may include ID documentation such as original birth certificates. This is important if your name has changed.

Keep these in your carry-on luggage. Never pack them in your check-in suitcase.


The toiletries provided will vary depending on your holiday. It is always advisable to pack your own toiletries, particularly those items you ‘can’t live without’.


Again, this will vary from company to company and so ask before you leave. If you have specific grooming products such as hairdryers and straighteners, you many want to take those with you. The standard equipment may not meet your needs.


Make sure you pack your prescribed medication. It is also worth packing extras, just in case. Sea sickness medication is advisable in case it takes you a while to find your sea legs. Choppy conditions sometimes affect the most seasoned of sailors. Read these tips on how to prevent seasickness.


Something Warm

Even if you’re travelling to a tropical location, it is advisable to take some sweaters or cardigans. If you’re caught out by an unseasonably cooler day, you will have something to toss over your shoulders.

Books / Music

Entertainment will vary depending on your package. Regardless, it’s always useful to bring something to keep you occupied. Books, music and headphones are among the most popular items. To save on space, load up your e-reader and MP3 player before you leave.


Make sure you don’t leave without chargers for your phone, camera, e-reader and any other tech. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take beautiful photographs and videos.

Know the Dress Code

Becoming familiar with the boat’s dress code will avoid embarrassment and will help you pack accordingly. Take a range of outfits to suit all eventualities. Think about dining, casual wear, touring, etc. Pick out outfits you can mix and match to increase your wardrobe without increasing your luggage.

A cruise ship or a luxury yacht offers a level of luxury you wouldn’t normally find at home. Many of your everyday items will be provided as part of the service. Check with your provider beforehand, to make packing and planning as effortless as the holiday.


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