What To Take On A Weekend Getaway

March 4, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 2797

When you’re planning a short getaway or a weekend city break, luggage can be limited. What ‘must have’ items should you take with you? What can’t you live without? We realise that this list will be very subjective. One person’s essential item won’t be significant to the next person. Nevertheless, here is our short getaway hit list.

We haven’t included passports or travel documentation. Though they are essential items, we’re assuming you’ve got this covered. We’re also assuming that your holiday is booked and the necessary arrangements are in place. If not, try using a service like Touriocity. And to make the most of your trip, read Five Common Travelling Traps to Avoid.



Always pack a small waterproof bag. This is useful for cosmetics and makeup when travelling. It will also come in handy during your stay if you need to keep items dry. It can help protect your phone, camera or gadgets in less than favourable weather.

In addition to your travel bag, make sure you have a lightweight bag to carry around with you during the trip. Look for bags with zipping compartments for extra safety.

Mobile Phone

Always check usage and roaming charges with your provider before you travel.

For most people, their mobile phone is considered an essential everyday item. If you have a smartphone, this will come in handy in so many ways. You can use it in place of a camera to save space in your luggage. Most phones create pretty decent photographs and videos. It can also be used as a map and as a city guide. Translation services can also be useful if you don’t speak the local language. And it’s practical to have a phone to hand in case of emergency.

If you don’t want to receive telephone calls during your stay, check to see whether your phone has a ‘do not disturb’ feature.



At a pinch, you can use your smartphone as an e-reader. However, the correct device makes for more comfortable reading. You can load it with a stack of paperbacks and you don’t need to worry about the extra space.

Charger Cables and Adaptors

Unless you’re unplugging for the duration of the trip, it’s likely you will have at least one item that requires a charger. Make sure you pack this, along with any relevant power adaptors.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are always useful in case of an emergency. There are ATMs in most destinations. Remember to store your credit card separately to your cash.

These are our five essential items. There are a few notable omissions here such as passports and documentation mentioned above. We haven’t included a first aid kit as this is a short getaway and we’re assuming that this also means short haul. You could always pack a few first aid items in your toiletry bag.

We haven’t referred to clothing within the list. We could write several posts about this. But if we could suggest one essential clothing item it would be comfortable shoes. Pack a pair of shoes that you will be comfortable wearing for several hours at a time.

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