What to visit on your trip to Australia

March 14, 2022 • Travel Tips • Views: 779

An intoxicating chemistry of modern culture and primitive powers, Australia is a familiar but at the same time a vast enigma to the inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere. From Melbourne’s multicultural mix to the wild landscape of exotic Tasmania, Australia takes time and a little courage to cross. Twice the size of Europe, Australia is a destination that definitely has a lot to offer its visitors. So we have gathered all those places that one should visit when visiting Australia, in addition to the established ones, and we present them to you.


Tasmania, along with many islands and islets, is one of the states that make up the state of Australia, but unfortunately, it does not easily fit into the tourist travel plan. In summer, you will find some of the best beaches in the country on its east coast, and unlike anywhere else, you will have it all for yourself, without crowds. The hike in Cradle Mountain National Park (photo) is fantastic, and the history of the small town of Port Arthur overflows with every stone. 

Hobart, the capital and most populous city, is wonderful and has many options for food and coffee, being one of the best places in Australia for a road trip, as the distances are short, the roads are empty, and the view is stunning. And the best of all? Tasmania is not expensive to get to – you can get return tickets from Melbourne for as little as $100.

Uluru and Ghan train to Darwin

Most visitors to Australia usually head east to Sydney and Melbourne. But do not forget the northern part of Australia. Visit Uluru, spend 1-2 nights under the stars and then take the Ghan Train from the Red Center to Darwin for a unique, incredible experience in this remote country.

The Grampians National Park (Victoria)

The Grampians National Park is one of the best tourist spots in Victoria. With rocky landscapes, beautiful waterfalls and endless forests, this park impresses everyone. Climb The Pinnacle and admire the view from above with Halls Gap, Lake Bellfield and the surrounding area. If you are lucky, you can also watch a fight between a kangaroo.

Rottnest Island (Western Australia)

Western Australia does not have a large number of tourists due to the fact that the most popular places are on the east coast. But if you want to return from your trip with precious and unforgettable experiences, head to Perth and take the ferry to Rottnest Island. There you will enjoy crystal clear waters, many beaches that you may not even have time to explore, endless bike paths (there are no cars on the island) and the wonderful Quokka animals that live there.

The Great Ocean Road and Apollo Bay (Victoria)

It may be popular and well known, but no one should miss the Great Ocean Road. Apart from the fact that the landscape is entirely unreal, you will also find hidden diamonds along the way. Stop in any city (the seaside town of Apollo Bay is a favourite), find a cafe or restaurant, eat and stroll along the beach. It is one of the most beautiful travel experiences of life, and now you have the opportunity to experience it by renting a car to cross all the way. Trusting the car hire company Enjoy Travel located in Australia, you will be able to choose the vehicle of your choice in amazing offers and with full insurance. The open road is waiting for you. Will you take the next step?

Raymond Island (Victoria)

On Raymond Island in Victoria, you can see dozens of koalas in their natural habitat. The island is so small that one can walk it between neighbourhoods and forests, while you will see many koalas sleeping, eating, playing in eucalyptus trees, but also walking in the areas. This experience, especially for those who want to see koalas up close, is the best in relation to zoos and parks.

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