What Type of Traveler are you? Figure it Out to Make Travel Even More Fun

May 23, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 6168

The majority of people harbour thoughts of going travelling one day, whether it’s to find themselves, experience new languages and cultures or generally have an amazing time meeting new people. In fact, there are a myriad of reasons and motivations for somebody to up sticks and leave the country in search of pastures new – it really all depends on the person.

We’ve compiled this rundown of three very specific types of traveller personalities, as well as a brief insight into the psychology behind each.

The lone wolf

A lot of people say that travelling alone is the only way to travel. While we don’t necessarily think that’s always the case, we do know that travelling alone offers a completely different experience than going with friends.

For a start, there are a number of advantages: it makes planning the trip a lot easier, you only have to look out for yourself and you are effectively forced (in a good way) to go out and meet people, if you want to! Solo travel is definitely  the domain of the lone wolf, and there are few better feelings than knowing you’ve conquered a little bit of the world on your own.

The fish

On your travels, it’s likely that you’ll meet seasoned veterans of the game. You know, those people who live their life to travel and have been doing it for the past decade (or two). If it’s your first-time living and moving around a different country, you may start to feel relatively inexperienced when you meet these people. We envy their expert packing skills too.

But wait – that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. You can definitely turn being a noob into an advantage and use it as an opportunity to learn. Be observant and honest with your inexperience or confusions when you meet people and it’s likely that they’ll take more time to help you learn and get your bearings. Inexperienced poker players actually use a very similar strategy to keep themselves in the game when they’re just starting out. The trick is to be fresh and enthusiastic, but know when to rely on some restraint when dealing with other people’s egos.


The party animal

Ah yes, the party animal knows how to have a good time, that’s for sure. These are the people who prefer a late night to an early morning. In all fairness, these people do tend to be rather spontaneous and are ready to jump into any adventure at a moment’s notice… providing there’s a guaranteed cocktail on the cards at some point.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t always kids in their late teens or early 20s who are out to let their hair down and paint the town red; you’d be surprised at the number of people you meet on your travels who are ready to party ‘til the early morn. A study of travel trends by Groups Today found that there are more travellers aged 30 and up than ever before. Just remember: never judge a book by its cover.

So there we have it, three travellers you’re definitely likely to encounter at some point on your travels. Which one fits you best? Let us know in the comment box below!

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