Where I’d like to escape to when I’m sitting in front of my laptop

February 7, 2018 • Travel Tips • Views: 2623

We all tend to let our minds wander while we’re working. Whether you’re thinking about your to-do list or imagining a better day (one where you’re not at the office), we’re all guilty of letting our imaginations run wild.

Furniture At Work has released a super fun infographic which explores this concept, and it made me think about the top places I often wish I was instead of in front of my laptop.

Since I work for myself, I have plenty of go-to daydreams that help me procrastinate. If my filing cabinet was an #OfficeNarnia, I’d be hanging out in the following places:


Let’s face it, most of us could use with an extra hour or two of sleep each day. For me, getting the day started can be challenging, and I usually wish I was back in bed and having a snooze for the first few hours of work.



One of my all-time favourite vacations was in Mexico. I lay on the beach in Cancun, explored Playa del Carmen and went diving in Cozumel. Whenever the weather is particularly average or I have a massive workload, I automatically picture myself back on the beach.

Happy Hour

Let’s face it: Most of us are dreaming of a nice strong drink by the time 3pm rolls around on Friday. I’m guilty of this one for sure, and would much rather be socialising down at the local bar than dealing with last-minute client requests.

The Airport

When I hear an airplane fly past while I’m working, I immediately wonder where it’s going and picture myself on it. I think this is because there are so many possibilities available when it comes to the airport- I could go literally anywhere in the world. Some days I picture myself jumping on a plane and heading to a beach resort somewhere, other times I imagine going on a fun city break in a new destination.


When you sit in front of a computer all day, I think it’s natural to want a little adventure in your life. I’ve pictured myself calling it a day and booking a skydiving trip, whitewater rafting adventure, or a day spent scuba diving. I think this is a common daydream, since most of us office workers could do with a little more adventure in our lives.

Where would you escape to if you had an office Narnia?


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