Why you should take an Alaskan Cruise

January 16, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 2130

More than one million people cruise to Alaska every year, making this state one of the most popular destinations for cruising in the world. It’s easy to see why when you consider that the scenery is some of the most amazing in North America, and since almost all of these cruises sail through the Inside Passage, the incredible labyrinth of mountains, fjords, inlets, and islands that runs from Juneau to North of Vancouver Island is one of the world’s most photographed places.

Along with this amazing scenery comes plenty of opportunities for wildlife spotting, and there are also plenty of options for outdoor activities, along with the chance to explore the indigenous cultures who have been living in the region for thousands of years.


Most cruises will run from may until early September, although some lines also offer cruises in late April and late September. If you’re planning to go on an Alaskan cruise, make sure you do some research in advance as there are a number of different cruise companies, and many are aimed at different age groups and budgets.

There are many benefits to traveling by cruise, especially in Alaska. Cruise ships allow you to get up close to incredible sites like fjords, without needing to hike for days. You’ll also find that the experience of waking up to a new view every day and only having to unpack your bags once while seeing plenty of different places and trying new activities is likely to have you raving to all your friends and immediately booking another cruise.

While one of the biggest benefits of cruising is the fact that you arrive at each destination bright-eyed and bushy tailed, there are still plenty of fun things to do on the ship. You’ll find amazing broadway-style entertainment, along with comedians, dance classes, incredible food, bars, clubs, pools, spas, shops, salons, cafes, and more.


There are many charming towns that you’ll stop at along the way while you’re cruising through the Inside Passage, including Juneau, Skaway, Ketchikan, and more. This is also a great cruise for older kids and teenagers as they’ll be able to explore rainforests, national parks and icefields.

Wildlife lovers will be in heaven, with many different animals along the way. You’ll see whales like orcas and humpbacks, and the skies are filled with artic terns, puffins, and bald eagles. If you love bears, you’ll also find plenty of Grizzlys eating salmon through the summer month, so bring your camera and be ready to also see sea lions, Dall sheep and moose.

The ships that cruise Alaska are some of the best around, with five-star luxury, plush cabins, and plenty of gourmet food options so you’ll never be hungry. Imagine waking up to a room service breakfast and sitting on your balcony while watching the incredible scenery of the Inside Passage go by- it truly is the trip of a lifetime. If you’ve been considering taking a cruise, be sure to choose Alaska for the best cruising experience you could ask for.

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