Why you Should Travel to the United States

October 18, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 1667

Many people overlook the United States as a travel destination, and instead decide to explore Europe or Southeast Asia. However America has many different things to offer, including huge, bustling cities, small-town charm, stunning scenery, and some of the world’s best attractions.

There are a few different ways that tourists will travel through the country. If you book your flights in advance, you may also find flights within the United States for under $100, so you can then fly between key destinations.

Another good option is the great American road trip, and many people will hire a car on the East or West coast and drive it across the country, stopping at key attractions along the way.

When it comes to some of the most popular attractions, such as DisneyWorld, SeaWorld, Universal Studios and more, it’s key that you get your tickets in advance, as this will save you money and allow you to make the most of some of the best deals.


Florida is a must-visit, and this state has everything you need to stay entertained- whether travelling as a family, a couple, or solo. Along with Orlando and all of the theme parks, you can also visit the alligators which are lurking in the Everglades, see the incredible sunsets in Key West, drink cocktails on the beach in Miami, and maybe even take a cruise from Fort Lauderdale.

Las Vegas is the place to go if you like to gamble and party, while New York City will leave you energised- no matter how many days you spend on your feet as you move from one incredible site to the next. Chicago is a great place to eat and enjoy the mid-west hospitality, and if you want to learn some more about American history and culture, head down to the deep south.

Since gas is so cheap compared to countries like New Zealand and Australia, it can be a good idea to hire a car. As long as you’re over 25, you’ll find that this can give you more opportunities to stop at various cities and towns along the way, and you’ll also have the freedom to move on if you’re not loving a destination, or stay longer if you can’t yet bear to leave.

Places like Salem, Savannah, New York and Washington DC are the best choices if you’re interested in American History, and many of these places have free and cost-effective museums which will give you plenty to do- even in winter.

Love the great outdoors? Whether you visit in spring, winter, summer, or fall, the scenery in the United States is simply magnificent. From gorgeous white beaches in Hawaii and Florida to the amazing Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, this is one of the best places to visit if you like to hike- with some of the most well-known hikes in the world. Be sure to take your camera on your trip, as you’re likely to see some stunning sights.

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