Why your next holiday should be to Mauritius

January 16, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 2433

Want to visit paradise? Mauritius is likely to be the closest you’ll come to it, with a subtropical climate making it the perfect place to relax throughout the year. Air temperatures never get lower than 21 degrees celsius, while the sea is always at least 23 degrees- perfect for swimming.

There are only two seasons here- winter and summer, with summer running from November to April, with some rain and thunderstorms (and even rare cyclones). Winter is still warm (although not as hot as summer), and you’ll enjoy the dry weather and horse riding, golfing and hiking.


January is a popular time to visit, and is both the sunniest and hottest. You may have short, light bursts of rain, but this is a great time to visit for scuba diving, swimming, and even dolphin spotting. In February and march you’ll find short, hard rain bursts, but also lots of sunshine and super warm sea temperatures of 28 degrees. March is also an excellent time to visit for a honeymoon.

April is still summer, and although it may be cooler you’ll find it much less likely to rain. By may, winter is beginning to set in and it’s a great time to go hiking as temperatures are around 25 degrees. You may experience light rain, however the sea is still super warm.

For those who like to get active on their holidays, June is a great time to visit, with kayaking, parasailing, horse riding, and trekking all popular. July is known to be the ‘cold season’, but you won’t find it any colder than 21 degrees. The sea is still warm, making it a good time to go snorkeling and SCUBA diving, while attractions like the sand dunes will be less busy.


In August it begins to get a little warmer again, and you can expect highs of 24 degrees. It’s also a great time to visit if you like watersports, and you’ll find an annual kite surfing festival taking place over 4 days.

September has a very low chance of rain, and you can expect warm weather throughout, with warm sea temperatures and long sunny days. October is officially spring, and for people who love to get outdoors, the National Parks are shining now, with beautiful flowers beginning to bloom while colorful birds flitter around.

November is the beginning of summer again, and you can expect to see plenty of honeymooners as the long days and warm temperatures guarantee romance, while the particularly warm sea temperatures mean you can expect to spot both whales and dolphins. For those looking for a stress-free, warm Christmas, December is a great time to visit, and while you can expect a bit of rainfall, both holiday-goers and locals will celebrate Christmas day on the beach with a BBQ.

As you can see, if you’re trying to decide when to go on holiday to Mauritius, you have plenty of options and there really is no wrong choice. Be sure to choose the time that works best with your schedule as you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time.


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