Why people should stay in B&Bs

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Forget staying in expensive hotels or smelly dorm rooms, a bed and breakfast is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for an authentic local experience, and you’ll find that compared to many hotels, a B&B can be the perfect option.

You’re likely to be surprised by the high level of customer service, and this is because often the people who are looking after you will actually be the owners of the B&B. They want to personally ensure that you’re comfortable and have everything you need, so you may find the service is superior compared to the last hotel you stayed in.

For people who don’t like paying extra for wifi, snacks, breakfast, bottled water and parking, you’ll find that B&Bs are a nice change, since they’re often all inclusive so you won’t need to continually reach into your pocket once you’re there. Another great reason to choose a bed and breakfast over a hotel? It’s unique. You’ll know that your room is different to the room next door, and they’ll usually be individually decorated and may even have different themes for each room.


If you’re over dodgy buffets and dry croissants, you’ll enjoy breakfast at a B&B, where you’re more likely to have an authentic, home cooked breakfast which has been prepared by a local and will include local ingredients. Since eating local food is one of the best things about travelling, this is another key reason why staying at a bed and breakfast is a great choice.

When you stay in a hotel it’s unlikely that you’ll meet many new people- most people tend to keep to themselves and stay in their rooms. However B&Bs are a little different, and their intimate, communal nature means you’re likely to meet new people and may even find yourself exchanging details and meeting up again in the future.

Your B&B hosts will also usually go out of their way to make sure you’re seeing and doing all of the best things in your new town or city. Since they’re locals, they can let you know where the locals are hanging out, and the best kept secrets for eating and interesting sights.

When you stay in a hotel, you’ll usually find yourself sharing with hundreds of other people, and hotels are also often used for functions like conferences and weddings- meaning you may not get much peace and quiet. Bed and breakfasts are a nice change from this, and you’ll often find that only a few guests are staying at a time so more privacy and relaxation for everyone.

If you’re planning to travel this year, think twice before you book your next big chain hotel, and consider checking out a local bed and breakfast instead. You’re likely to have a much more interesting, authentic, and unique experience and may just find yourself becoming a raving fan of B&Bs (and ditching the hotels for good).

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