How To Eat On A Budget When You Travel Around The UK

February 5, 2016 • Budget Travel • Views: 5038

Travellers love the idea of heading to the UK because it has lots of culture and attractions. The problem is that the UK is expensive, and even eating can be an issue. However, this shouldn’t stop you from experiencing everything the UK has to offer as you can eat on a budget. The key is to understand how to do it, and the list below should help. Then, you can save the rest of your money for more important things like partying!


Head To Cheap Cities

If you don’t know already, the south of the UK is much more expensive than the north. Finding out where to eat in Blackpool is going to cost less than in London. It is something that dates back years and isn’t going to change anytime soon. At least it is an advantage from your point of view. When money becomes an issue, you can just change your destinations to the tourist areas in the north. The North still has plenty to offer, and you can stretch out your budget for even longer.

Stop Eating Out

Obviously, you don’t just want to tour the north because you want to take in the entirety of the United Kingdom. To make sure you can do that, you need to change your eating habits. Those of you that still want to see what London and the rest of the south have to offer should know that restaurants are expensive. With that in mind, you need to stop eating out to save money. Instead of blasting tens of pounds a day on food, you can find much cheaper alternatives.


And Go To The Supermarket

Where can you find cheaper alternatives? You can find cheaper alternatives in the supermarkets. Yes, the food in supermarket chains like Tesco and ASDA is pretty much the same up and down the country. Regardless of your location, you will be able to find a meal that doesn’t cost any more than £5. In Britain, £5 is very cheap for a meal that will feed more than one person. Or, that will feed you multiple times. The cheapest supermarkets are Lidl and Aldi, and not even the giant chains can compete with them on price. If you are looking for a cheap meal, these are the two places to start.


Lots of travellers will stay in hostels where there is plenty of equipment to make their meals. If you are one of these tourists, exploit the situation by making your meals and not buying them. The contents of a meal are much cheaper when you can buy them singularly instead of as one. As a result, you can make a bowl of pasta a lot cheaper than you can buy it ready to eat. The price may not seem significant, but it will make a difference over time. Cooking is the best way to keep the cost of meals low in the UK.

Although travelling Britain can be expensive, it doesn’t have to break the bank.


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