Effective Ways to Save Money On Your Vacation

January 28, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 5504

There’s no getting around it; vacations are expensive. Not only do we have to save all year round in order to jet off to a warmer climate, but we need spending money when we get there, too. All in all, it tots up to become just about the most costly endeavour we take every year. Many people are choosing to take their holidays in their own countries as a way to save money. But that doesn’t have the same charm as exploring a foreign setting, does it?

Well, you can have the best of both worlds. There are a couple of little tricks you can use to greatly reduce the cost of your vacation plans. Combine them all together, and you’ll get massive savings on a holiday you won’t soon forget for all the right reasons.

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Log On

Before you even think about stepping foot in a travel agents, make sure you use your own computer at home to shop around. You can find a whole bunch of deals for flights and accommodation with sites like Hotwire.com. They compile all of the best deals into one place so that the hard work is already done for you. All that’s left for you to do is weigh up your options before booking. You can use this method for all the different aspects of your vacation expenses for greater savings. This includes travel insurance, which comes highly recommended.

Avoid Peak Travel

Traveling is never fun, let’s be real. Especially long haul flights, where you can feel like you are going out of your mind with boredom. They’re also incredibly expensive, which can leave you wondering exactly what you’re subjecting yourself to this hell. However, avoiding peak travel times can have a range of different benefits. Not only is it cheaper to travel late at night or in the early hours, but it can also help you sleep through the entire flight. Talk about win-win!


Book in Advance

The further out you book your holiday, the cheaper it will be. That’s just a rule of thumb for all kinds of different things. The sooner you book, the more money you’ll save. You may have read advice to the contrary, where you can get last minute deals thanks to cancellations. However, this should be avoided, as you may be left disappointed if your chosen destination doesn’t become available. Then, you have to pay a premium for the short notice. GoCompare.com has some advice on when to risk a last minute bargain.

Frugal Living

If you’re the type of person that tries to pinch your pennies at home, that should translate when you travel abroad too. Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you can suddenly afford to spend a small fortune on eating out every night. Of course, many people opt for all-inclusive package deals as a way to save money on food and drink. However, it may work out cheaper still if you choose to go self-inclusive. Of course, that means you have to do a little bit more work when it comes to cooking, but it’s a worthy investment. Check out the comparison at TravelSupermarket.com.

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