Why is winter the Best Time to Visit Dubai?

January 24, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 4028

Glitzy Dubai with its sunshine, shopping and futuristic skyline has always been a hot favorite of tourists across the world. The city hosts more than 12 million tourists every year and has something interesting and fresh for its regular guests. Avid travelers consider Dubai an ideal location for the winter holidays as the place beautifully manages to keep its visitors swaying to the holiday song without turning into a freezing white wonderland.

Read on to find how to best enjoy the winter season in Dubai.

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Give your weekend a great start with Dubai’s numerous winter festivals

Winter in Dubai is the time for festivities and celebrations. There is the Madinat Jumeriah Souk Festive Market, Miracle-The Musical, Festive Village at Atlantis the Palm, The International Festival and so on. For those who love the spirit of Christmas, The Dubai Christmas Fest hosted in the Media City Amphitheatre offers the greatest lineup world class entertainment activities for every member of the family.

Take the plunge with the soothing weather of Dubai

Summer temperatures in Dubai can go up to 45 degree Celsius but during the winter season, the mild temperature is a huge thumbs-up for the beach bums in the city.  The weather makes it a perfect time for visitors to sprawl out along the beaches and experience the glorious golden sands of the Gulf.

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Treat your taste buds to an array of world-class restaurants

The food experience in Dubai is a class apart and explodes with flavors from various cuisines like Lebanese, Iranian, Indian as well as the grills. From Michelin star restaurants to budget eat-outs, there is everything one can ask for in the city. Why not try the thirteen course profligate dinner that is usually on offer during winters in the underwater Ossiano?

Tuck in some great adventure as you explore Dubai this winter

Winter in Dubai may experience slight showers that are only short-lived. Winter is an ideal time to get out of the busy city and try one of the camping sites in the desert. For the brave, there are other activities like reef diving, sea kayaking, ski diving and kite surfing.

If this is your first visit to Dubai, make sure you have travel insurance in Dubai. This will ensure you have peace of mind, notwithstanding the hectic nature of the trip. So get set and brace yourself for a wonderful winter in Dubai.






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