Luxury On a Budget: Places Where 5 Stars Are Affordable

April 9, 2015 • Budget Travel • Views: 4912

Everyone enjoys living in the lap of luxury when they travel. Who doesn’t like to be pampered? But the price tag that comes with five-star accommodations isn’t always so pretty. If you’re searching for an elegant spot to stay without breaking the bank, check out our list of five places where five-star stays are affordable:

#5: Lisbon, Portugal

Located on the Tagus River which empties into the Atlantic Ocean, this capital port city offers some steals on five star accommodations. Oftentimes you can find deals to stay at the new Porto Bay Liberdade for under $170/night.

The hotel is surrounded by the most posh neighborhood in Portugal, with luxury and designer stores just outside the Liberdade. So, even though you’re saving big money on the hotel stay, make sure to watch your pocketbook in the surrounding shopping areas!

#4: Athens, Greece

Greece recently took a big economic downturn, which may account for some of the bargain prices offered at its five star hotels. But don’t let the price fool you, these stays are every bit as luxurious as anywhere else in the world.

Deals range as low as $120 to stay at the Royal Olympic Hotel, located near the famous Acropolis and its museum. The hotel offers gorgeous views of Athens from its restaurant, ensuring you’ll quickly fall in love with both your amenities and the city.

#3: Bucharest, Romania

There are some unbelievable steals to be found in Romania’s capital. Take for instance, the five star Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest Hotel. Deals on this hotel range under $100 and include a wide array of pleasing amenities. From the gorgeous marble lobby, to the state of the art fitness facility, to the spectacular view of Revolution Square from your room, this hotel makes Bucharest one of the best locales for a five-star stay on a budget.

#2: Thessaloniki, Greece

We return to Greece for our list’s runner-up. Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in Greece, and is considered the cultural capital of the country, boasting vibrant festivals and events year-round.

There’s a great selection of cheap five star hotels to choose from here, ranging from the most modern to a more classical feel, with regular prices just over $100.

#1: Warsaw, Poland

Topping our list is Warsaw, where you can find five-star accommodations for unbelievable prices as low as $70, right in the heart of the city.

One of the 10 most populous cities in all of Europe, Warsaw offers great sightseeing and adventuring, from traveling down the Vistula River, to ascending the nearby Carpathian Mountains. There is a ton of culture going on in this city as well, which makes the rock-bottom prices for your five-star stay all the more worthwhile.

Wherever you happen to be traveling, search for the best deals on all five-star hotels around the world at, and enjoy your trip!

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