Sailing the seas

April 22, 2015 • Travel Tips • Views: 3244

Trends come and go in life, whether we’re talking about fashion, beauty, or technology, but in terms of travel, certain trends come and often stick around, mingling into the general run of things with ease. Take cruises for example; they’ve always been around, but of late their popularity has exploded, meaning more and more of us are now considering visiting several destinations within the space of a holiday, rather than just one.


Whilst cruises used to be the go-to of the wealthy or older generations, the new style of cruise ship, effectively a floating holiday resort, means families, couples, and groups of friends alike can enjoy the facilities, whilst picking an itinerary to suit their interests, with shore excursions designed to help you explore your stop off points.

Of course, like any holiday, you have to bear the same things in mind, such as organising your travel insurance well ahead of time. Cruises are no different in that you have to insure yourself against the unexpected, and organising your cover takes so little time that there’s no excuse not to do it.

Once you’re covered for all eventualities, the fun can begin, and half of the fun is preparing for your cruise.

You can pick your region according to your interests, such as the sun-baked Caribbean, the cultural and beautiful Mediterranean, the glistening fjords of Norway, or maybe even the mysterious Far East, but whichever area you choose to visit, putting some research into shore excursions will save you time and money.


Your cruise company will no doubt try to sell you their own shore excursions, and whilst this is probably easier in that you are transported to and from your ship at docking and leaving, you do have the option of organising your own trips, and sorting out your transportation yourself. Doing this on your own steam could save you considerable money, but you must make sure you give yourself time to get back to your ship before it leaves! There is risk with going DIY here, but if you give yourself leeway, you should be fine.

Cruises have become seriously fashionable of late, so maybe it’s time you tried for yourself to see what all the fuss is about. The chance to visit several places within the space of a week or two is an opportunity not to be missed, and if you throw in a few excursions too, you’re actually seeing more of the world for little cost.

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