Travelling through Europe on a budget

May 9, 2014 • Budget Travel • Views: 7735

Are you dreaming of travelling around Europe? Of enjoying a Tarte Tatin in a cozy café in Paris, or strolling next to the Coliseum in Rome, relaxing on the beach in Barcelona and hopping around the islands in Greece? Europe, being the birthplace of religion, ancient civilizations, philosophy, arts and architecture, is as alluring as ever, especially this summer. Though every European capital boasts its ridiculously luxurious 5* hotels, expensive Michelin Star restaurants and museums exhibiting the most famous masterpieces in the world, it is possible to travel around on a tight budget. Here are our tips on how to see Europe with limited funds.

Plan ahead

The key to saving money on a trip to Europe is planning and booking ahead. This not only applies to cheaper airfare, but also accommodation. There are early booking discounts and specials to look out for, including promotions in restaurants, such as restaurant weeks, and museums, such as the annual Museum Nights.



Though one of the only ways to arrive to your first destination in Europe is via airplane, there are plenty of options to travel within the continent. You can plan out your travels by Trainline, and though every country has their own booking system, there are universal ones where you can book not only tickets, but also railway passes. Refer here for more information


If you are looking for budget accommodation, there are quite a few options available to choose from. First of all, instead of living in 5* hotels, you can find cozy, clean 2-3* hotels or even hostels that can cost as low as $10 per night. Another option is to rent a room or an apartment from Airbnb, or even a couch from CouchSurfing. There is a new website, called the Hotwire, where you can book a surprise hotel in any city in Europe within a desired price range, and once the accommodation is paid for, you will find out which hotel it actually is.



Museum entrance fees can hit your wallet quite hard – the average price is $20 per museum, it is therefore cheaper and more convenient to purchase museum cards online ahead of time, that will grant you unlimited pass to the museums of a particular city. Here is an example of the museum card in Amsterdam.

Restaurants and bars

When you are in a foreign country, one of the exciting things to do is try the traditional cuisine. Though there are numerous restaurants to choose from, it does not mean that you should eat out every night in a posh luxurious setting. Many cities have budget restaurants and cafes that offer local food at reasonable prices. A good idea is to search Time Out magazine of each city and determine where you would like to eat. Another way to save money is to visit local markets and cook your own food with fresh local produce.


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