Top Best Value Destinations in Europe

May 1, 2014 • Travel Tips • Views: 4043

Europe is usually seen as the birthplace of civilization, sciences, culture and art. It is home to more than 40 countries, each having its own cultural heritage, historical monuments, famous landmarks, breath-taking views, luscious nature and beautiful scenery. It has a wide variety of activities to offer, you can enjoy a relaxing beach vacation, or an educational tour around museums and cathedrals, or simply rent a car and explore the most secluded and pristine coves of the coastline. It is so diverse that any visitor will find something interesting and exciting to do, even if you are travelling on a budget.

Though marveling at fascinating sculptures and monuments in Paris, London and Berlin is something out of a dream, sometimes getting to Europe can already hit your budget quite hard. Here are the top best value destinations that will let you get a taste of Europe at affordable prices.



Portugal is famous for its rich historical and cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, fantastic wines (Porto is from here), a wide variety of accommodation, a pleasant climate and low prices. It is less popular that next-door neighbouring Spain, yet, it will surprise you by the presence of numerous palaces, cathedrals and other monuments, as well as its beaches. Lisbon, the capital, is quite picturesque, with tiny colourful houses nestled in its narrow streets, it is perfect for romantic promenades and fantastic pictures.


Montenegro offers a chic and romantic holiday in one of the most beautiful parts of the Balkan Peninsula. Located on the coast of the Adriatic sea, it has stunning beaches, breathtaking scenery, mountain peaks, shopping and a developed infrastructure, including hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars. Whether you would like to admire the natural beauty or relax on the beach, there are resorts and cities to choose from.


Turkey is a wonderful country that combines the comforts and elements of the west with oriental culture and traditions of the East. A visit to Turkey will be filled with bright and unforgettable memories, whether you are heading to one of the beach hotels working on All-Inclusive, or staying in Istanbul to explore the magic of the city, or going to the islands and taking a less travelled path to marvel the ancient ruins, holding a millennial heritage of the world.  Though Turkey has a very well developed hospitality infrastructure, there are many hotels that offer budget accommodation with great service, beach line and recreation.


Belgium and Netherlands

If you are planning on visiting North-Western Europe, it is best to visit both Belgium and Netherlands – there are extensive railway systems where you can travel from one country to the other by train in less than 2 hours, or even by car (a note to those who drive – the roads are straight and a joy to drive on, with beautiful scenery on both sides). Belgium is known for its elegant architecture, beautiful monuments, picturesque countryside, delicious beer, a great choice of diamonds and the best chocolate in the world. From there you can head to the Netherlands, a country of freedom, where apart from the infamous coffee shops there is a lot to see and do, from cherishing creations by Van Gogh, Reuben, Rembrandt, Vermeer and others at the Riijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, to having a laugh at the Madam Tussaud’s or the Dungeon of Amsterdam. There are also numerous dance events that take place here, so make sure you plan ahead.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic is extremely diverse and attracts millions of tourists every year. Prague, the capital, resembles a Medieval city from another world, you are transformed into a different atmosphere, with labyrinth of beautiful quarters, museums that tell the legends of the past centuries, enchanting castles, thermal springs, restaurants that offer delicious traditional food and the possibility to explore hilltops. Visiting Czech Republic can be a fascinating journey, affordable at any budget.


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