3 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Breaking the Bank

June 18, 2019 • Inspiration • Views: 1408

I find this time of year is a bit strange, it’s the middle of the year and for most of us we’re just in the middle of hustling and bustling to move forward with our goals. I don’t have any upcoming trips planned and am just trying to save as much as I can to make sure I can reach my goals for 2019. I’m very focused on saving this year which means a reduction in how much play money I have each month, so I’ve had to get creative with ways to treat myself without breaking the bank. Here are my top 3 ways to treat yourself without overspending!

1. Checkout Discount Sites
In this day and age there’s really no need to spend so much money on treatments and vouchers. You can find incredible deals online on deal sites like Groupon which can save you big money. Often businesses will put their vouchers on discount sites to get more business when it’s low season or during the quieter times during the week. This means you can save serious cash, while still enjoying their great services. The type of voucher you buy will depend on your needs, but I personally love finding spa or massage treatment for considerable discounts.

2. Indulge in Your Hobbies
For me hobbies are like little nuggets of sunshine in my life. I love spending my spare time on my favourite hobbies and am always happy to invest in the things I love. Right now one of my favourite hobbies is reading, I tend to read a few books a month in a variety of ways – some of them on Audible, others on my Kindle and here and there I buy physical books although this is the least frequent of the three. Other hobbies I really enjoy are walking my dogs, which is thankfully free, and doing yoga, which can also be free. I think there’s no harm in spending a little money to ensure that you can do something you love regularly. Check out this link for more information https://xvapeusa.com/product-category/concentrates/.

3. Quality Time With Friends
Whether you’re married with kids, or single, some alone time with your friends can be a godsend. Friends can be such a great support when things aren’t going so well, but they’re also the perfect people to celebrate special things with or to hang out with. Life can get really busy, and often our friends fall to the bottom of the pile, but I personally feel so recharged after an afternoon with my friends. It can be really hard to make time with everyone’s busy schedules, so I think it’s such a good idea to book time in advance so that you can ensure everyone’s there and able to catch up. I also feel that my friends keep me grounded and give me perspective, which is so valuable and I hope I offer them the same.

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