Best Shapewear For Big Stomachs In 2022 To Ensure Tummy Control

October 25, 2022 • Inspiration • Views: 853

When it comes to problem areas on the body, having a big tummy and love handles are at the top of the list for many women. These are the areas of excess fat accumulation around the waist and the sides of the abdomen, which can be more pronounced when wearing certain types of dresses, jeans and pants. Lack of exercise, poor diet, stress and pregnancy are some of the reasons for having a flabby tummy. Trying to reduce stress, increase regular exercise and following a healthy diet can help. Without a doubt, this is a tricky spot to target if you want to lose weight and tone up the figure. However, these take time but there are some tricks that can sculpt your stomach and also enhance your curves, especially when there is a special occasion coming up and you want to look sleek in your favorite dress.

Shapewear is a lifesaver in those times when you struggle with self-consciousness. They are a simple yet effective way to conceal the extra weight around the midsection. Once you put on the best shapewear for tummy and waist, you will feel sculpted, toned and fabulous. There are a variety of styles to choose from that can be worn casually, to work on during special occasion. Want to banish that big belly pooch for a certain outfit? Then read on to discover the best shapewear that will give you a more contoured silhouette and ensure tummy control.

Waist Trainer

A waist trainer is another effective way to flatten the tummy and create a smoother midsection. This abdominal binder latex tummy wrap will sculpt the tummy and give your waistline an attractive shape. Made with breathable mixed blend, it has three level hook and eye clasps for easy adjustment. It also has three adjustable compression straps that will make your midsection look smaller and smoothen the tummy flab. The flexible boning will offer back support and better posture.

Firm Control Everyday Shaping Panty

Get a pair of shaping panty to hide your tummy and feel supported. This comfortable shaping underwear features a two-ply material that effectively reduces the waistline and smooths the belly. Knitted with recycled nylon, this eco friendly shapewear has edge bonded panels for a more comfortable wear and the anti rolling lining will help keep it in place. This undergarment is ideal under every day wear and professional attire that includes dresses and skirts.

Seamless High Waisted Mid Thigh Short

If you prefer something that only covers the tummy and lower half of the body, then this high waisted short is an ideal choice. Not only does it flatten the stomach, it also lifts the buttock naturally. Made with seamless one-piece molding technology, it also smoothens and slims the thighs.

Open Bust Shapewear 

This seamless open bust bodysuit is made breathable and comfortable material that will flatten the belly and minimize the bulges. It features a U-shape push up bra design that gives the breasts a lift. This shapewear bodysuits allows you to wear your own favorite bra for a better fit.

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