An Extra Pair of Hands — How Technology Helps When Traveling

October 23, 2022 • Travel Tips • Views: 5194

The amazing experiences aside, anyone who has spent any length of time travelling will be able to tell you two things. One, there will be moments of aching boredom as you travel from destination to destination. Two, you are often striving for something to do to fill this time, whether it’s productive or not.

Killing time on the move

Technology can offer you many solutions to relieve the boredom. Chaos can break out all around you yet you might not even notice if you have access to a laptop or tablet. It’s so easy to become absorbed in what you’re watching or reading!

You can catch up on your favorite novel or short story, magazine or comic. You can do this using all type of tablets, laptops and even smartphones! You can get eBook apps for these devices, either for free or a nominal charge.


If you’re planning to study while away you could try downloading PDF copies of your lectures so that you can revise on the move. Of course, you’ll want to get some sightseeing in first. There’s time to study later!

For longer journeys, you can use technology to keep up with your favorite TV show or see the latest blockbuster. You can download and store content on your laptop, tablet, or phone. If you have access to the internet, with a provider such as frontier internet plans, for example, sign up for a subscription so you can view movies.

If you have access to a Wi-Fi connection then the virtual world is your oyster. You’ll be able to browse the web to your hearts content and boring travel will be a thing of the past.

Getting through the day (trip)

Technology can aid you greatly during those stressful moments that can crop up while travelling in a foreign country. Whether you’re keeping in touch with home, finding your way around a new city or simply learning how to ask for milk with your coffee, technology can and will help you!

Don’t worry about getting all tongue tied in one of the world’s many foreign languages. There’s a whole host of tools at your disposal! You can try Word Lens, a free app which cleverly translates any text in an image into your language of choice. You can also use iTranslate Voice for a Siri style translator if you’re having problems with text.


If you’re stepping into unknown territory and visiting a city, download apps that can help you find your way around. For a more extensive option use TripIt, which, along with the maps function, allows you to organize your entire travels using an itinerary planner. You can also get real-time flight notifications and find the best priced flights and seats. There’s not a traveler alive who doesn’t like to save money!

When away travelling, keeping in touch with home is important (glad as you might be to get away!). There are a variety of free apps on the market that are compatible with most devices as long as you have an internet connection. You can try WhatsApp or Viber for free instant messaging on mobiles or Skype for calls across all devices.

Travel has changed a lot. Before, leaving behind the comforts of home was all part of the adventure. Technological advances now allow you to bring them with you. In fact, they add to the adventure. Now people don’t want to travel with it!

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