Is It True That Sex Lengthens Life?

May 20, 2022 • Inspiration • Views: 1657

It is already known that some practices can contribute to increased longevity. Some physical activities, eating and sleeping well, not smoking, and trying to have a less stressful life are among the tips that can most guarantee a higher quality of life.

And in all that… where does sex come in? Loving and being loved is a constant quest and that includes directly or indirectly having sex. The absence of these elements makes people vulnerable, often more stressed, and generates a sense of loneliness. Furthermore, it may cause behavioural problems which may also affect the working environment. 

As an interesting and highly sought-after subject on the internet, Skokka comes to reveal: Is it true that sex prolongs life? According to the sufficient experience of the mature escorts in Newcastle, this is the case, and a series of reasons that support their theory are set out below.

Why should we have sex?

Before going into the details of whether or not sex lengthens life, there are some important facts that need to be clarified, as a way to strengthen or not that claim. 

It’s for everyone, having sex regularly brings many benefits. There are countless studies published based on these premises as it may be the key to health and well-being. That’s why the hot female escorts in Dublin can help make the quality of life higher and better.

As an example to consider, some studies claim that ejaculating frequently helps combat and protect from some diseases such as prostate cancer. It increases self-esteem, strengthens the immune system’s defenses and reduces stress, in addition to having analgesic function. Based on these studies it would be wise if you can’t always have sex to regularly ejaculate to keep all things in order, using pornography or cam sites is the most popular way of aiding in this to make it more fun. There are thousands of sites to choose from – if you see one you like the look of, you should find out if its good from reviews so you have the best experience.

Well, with so many benefits, is it true that sex extends life in some way? What are the benefits? 

Active sex life brings more benefits

Sex can also extend life according to various studies on the subject. The results are quite positive, although there are many myths and legends that are still being investigated. Studies suggest that lack of sex can directly affect professional life.

In the UK, a research coordinated by Professor Nick Drydakis of the University of Anglia Ruskin shows that people between the ages of 26 and 50 who have sex at least four times a week, have a 5% higher salary than a person who does not have a sexually active life. Getting a free fuck buddy then seems like a great incentive for a better life both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Not only this, other studies show the connection between lack of sex, anxiety and depression. Reinforcing some essential points to meet basic needs and contributing to success in life. Having fun, eating, drinking, sleeping and having sex are examples.

Why then is it said that sex extends life?

Experts confirm that having sex at least twice a week prolongs life by up to a year and a half. It can be caused because when having sex, the whole body receives information and goes through certain transformations. Some lifelong activities, such as kissing, planning, concentrating, experimenting or studying, have direct effects on its quality. 

Why is that in question? 

  • When one person kisses another, there is increased blood flow and the feeling of closeness enhance between the two. 
  • When you plan a date, sex is an interaction event that provides more contact with the partner, that moment therefore, makes everything more pleasant. The senses of attention and the desire to please the other increase the will to want to reach that point.  
  • Concentration can be started by forgetting all the problems, it certainly makes the sex hotter. 
  • Experimenting leaves the brain programmed for what can happen and when there are new sensations, the pleasure hormone is increased physiologically.
  • Study to know, literally, the bodies involved. It goes beyond learning to please. It is an attitude that can increase safety and pleasure during sex!

Body effects: increases adrenaline, helping to raise the heartbeat, increases alertness and leaves the brain activated, strengthens muscles around the abdomen that protects organs of the digestive system. It also releases the endorphin that causes the feeling of satisfaction and well-being, in addition to the dopamine that gives the feeling that the more sex you have, the more you want… 

It is further pointed out that sex lessens depression. That’s why it’s said that sex with escort girls in Chennai can be addictive! And so, why not have the best professionals on your side?

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