Save Money with Good Organizing Skills- Start from The Fridge Now!

August 20, 2015 • Inspiration • Views: 6396

Are you surprised at the amount of money you spend on energy bills each month? Don’t be! Take one good look at the way you have organised your fridge and the answers to bringing down the costly bills would be staring at your face- here’s how!

Organize your fridge

An organised fridge can help you save a lot of money, and the little things that count now would go a long way into making you save. Most of us would think of big savings when buying our FMCG products and daily needs, which is why buying only what you need and not overstocking the fridge makes sense. Coming back to the importance of organising a fridge, it not only talks about how clean and tidy you are but shows you ways on saving on the energy bills too. Read on!


Clean the outside first

Dirt, dust and grime over time can damage the look of the fridge and would also mess the compressor coils. A dirty compressor coil makes the fridge work on the double, so that the insides are kept cold. Now you know why that energy bill is so high, isn’t it?

Wipe the insides

Use a nice fridge cleaner and wipe the insides well. A cleaner inside allows better air flow and condensation too. It doesn’t clash with fresh food kept in, and you wouldn’t have a fridge working on the double to keep things fresh as well.

How long do you keep your condiments?

First of all, condiments that are dry and in powder forms should be stored in a cabinet and not the fridge! If they have been in for more than a month, chances are they are taking up space and making the fridge work on the double!

Compartmentalise the fridge

One compartment for fresh fruits and veggies, and one for cold cuts, meats and dairy produce- grouping your food needs, from daily to occasional use and in small packets can help save space and energy too.

Beverages in tall bottles should be kept where the bottles of water are, while cooked and prepared items should be packed in aluminium foils or Tupperware and stored in the freezer- you can always have them removed and placed in the micro an hour before serving the next day meals.

Store leftovers in Tupperware or glass containers, and let them not scrounge around for space.


Does everything need to go in the fridge?

The answer is NO!

Why would you want to keep spices, onions and potatoes, tomatoes too in the fridge? There are fruits and veggies that can be wrapped in plastic and kept outside on the dining table, and other stuff that can go into the cabinets too.

Jams, jellies, sauces, pickles, crackers, cereals etc too can be placed in cabinets. Eggs, bread and pasta too can be left uncooked and outside, so would be the case with jars of nutella and treacle as well.

Baking soda to the rescue

Once a week it would be great to shine your fridge, inside out. Use a tablespoon of baking soda as a final wipe on the dried up fridge’s insides and the outsides, which would remove remnants, tarnishes and stains. This would help with air circulation and the upkeep of the fridge too.

We hope these few tips on organising your fridge, helps you keep the energy bills low. If the bills still are high, we would ask you to check with a certified electrician on the same. The same savings can help you pick up chic kitchen items, apparel for the kids, a calculator for your husband and more, when you shop at All this is only possible, if you buy some sweet deal and  Kohl’s discount coupons  by– something that guarantees you additional discounts and savings while letting you shop to your heart’s content.

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