Different Sleeping Habits Around the World

August 24, 2015 • Travel Tales • Views: 4740

Most people realise that where they’re from affects so many different aspects of their life, from what language they speak, to even the accent the speak it in. It can affect the living standards, the opportunities you’ll have and even how you’ll think about the world. One interesting thing I bet most of us haven’t considered, is how where you’re from affects your sleeping habits. Different countries around the world have very different sleeping habits, and its very interesting to consider the differences and how it affects the culture.

Woman Sleeping

For example, in Mexico only 4% of people feel they’re getting enough sleep, compared to 72% in the United States – what a difference. In Germany, 87% of people commented that not enough sleep negatively affects their mood. Tokyo was the city with the least overall sleep measured in the study, with only an average of 5 hours and 46 minutes. While sleep (or lack of) affects both mood and productivity, it can also affect your health. It’s really fascinating to see the different amounts of sleep each of the countries studied averages, and the way it affects its people.

For more cities check out the wonderful infographic by Mattress Next Day below.

Sleeping Habits Around The World

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