These Careers Are Sure To Get You Out From Behind The Desk

December 31, 2021 • Inspiration • Views: 905

Are you bored of being stuck behind a desk in your career? The vast majority of people will spend more than thirty-percent of their life at work. It’s certainly understandable if you want to make this as painless as possible. With that in mind, here are the careers that could benefit you

Real Estate

First, you might want to think about exploring the real estate industry or a related field. There are many avenues of real estate that will get you out from behind the desk. For instance, you could think about becoming a property developer. With a job like this, you’ll need to go out to different properties and mingle with potential clients. Similarly, you could work as a conveyancer. Prestigious firms such as Ellisons Solicitors are constantly looking for a great conveyancer to add to their team. With a job like this, you will need to go out to different properties and ensure that everything is processing smoothly. 

Travel Guide 

Next, you should consider becoming a travel guide. By working as a travel guide, you’ll be able to visit a variety of different countries on a near monthly basis. You can either work for a larger business or operate on freelance contracts depending on which option is going to suit your needs. Do be aware that with a job like this, you will be away from home for a lot of the year. So, you’ll need to make sure that you are keeping your property secure and taking the right steps here. 

Fitness Instructor 

A fitness instructor or personal trainer could also be a great choice for you if you want to avoid getting stuck behind the desk each day. You just need to make sure that you are passionate about fitness and working out. You’ll be on your feet for most of the day and to find success you will need to focus on your own fitness as much as that of your clients. Working as a PT you can get recruited by a gym on a full time basis. Or, you can choose to operate remotely. 


Finally, you might want to think about working as a journalist. Whether you are working on international or even just local stories, you will need to travel as a journalist. When you’re not writing, you’ll be out speaking to people, conducting interviews and investigating a wide range of different stories. You can write about a wide range of topics when you are working as a journalist. However, you will need to make sure that you gain the right qualifications. You’ll also need to build up your social media profiles to ensure that you create a personal brand. 

However, with the ups come the downs and it is essential that, as a journalist, you are aware of what can happen in your line of work and how to tackle it when you need to confront something. You may require a first amendment lawyer (you can find out more here), especially if you are writing/reporting on sensitive issues that could result in backlash. Whistleblowing is part of a journalist’s job, but whistleblowing can annoy some pretty powerful people, so legal help is always useful for your own protection.

We hope this helps you see that there are countless careers that will get out up and out from behind the desk, either on a temporary or permanent basis. If you are interested in exploring these options, then you need to make sure that you check out the different applicable qualifications right now. 

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