What Is The Hyaluronic Acid With Matrixyl? Is The Spray More Efficient?

March 6, 2017 • Inspiration • Views: 2240

For most people, aging is a process that we’d like to stop as much as possible. Even though we appreciate the knowledge that comes from years of experience, is there any way we can get it without having to endure the struggle of losing our appearance in the process? If you’re interested in reclaiming your youthful look, then you might want to check out TimelessHA. This company is committed to bringing you the best products possible to help your skin looking its best at any age. But what’s the secret to success? Let’s find out.


Hyaluronic Acid

This ingredient is one of the cornerstones of Timeless’ strategy to help you look your best. Numerous studies have proven that hyaluronic acid is remarkable at hydrating and moisturizing skin. In fact, in a lab setting, it can hold up to 1000% of its weight in water, which is unbelievable. To help you get the most out of your Timeless anti-aging serums, the company puts twice as much hyaluronic acid into its products than other brands.

Matrixyl 3000

One common ingredient that you’ll find in anti-wrinkle creams is Retinol or Retin A. While this compound can help, it’s nowhere near as effective as Matrixyl 3000. This ingredient is so good at restoring collagen that it can boost its effects by as much as 350% percent in a lab setting. TimelessHA adds up to 8% of Matrixyl to their serums to boost its effectiveness and potency.

Combined to Make You Younger

Individually, these products can do wonders for your skin. However, when they are combined, you will get better results in far less time, as well as receive longer lasting effects. By merging these ingredients together, you can experience a more comprehensive anti-aging process that will leave you speechless.

So what are you waiting for? See the difference that a hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl Blend can do for you. And, while you’re at it, check out a ferulic acid serum to get even better results in far less time than you would with other products. You owe it to yourself to see the difference.


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