Stay Energized On Your Ski Holiday

July 24, 2017 • Travel Tales • Views: 4503

Did you know that spending a day skiing or boarding can be very demanding on the body?

At times, it can feel like a cruisy day out until the dehydration headaches set in. You’ve taken one too many coffees, or simply forgot to keep your daily intake of water balanced.

Loss of energy or raging appetite can put a dampener on a sunny day out. It’s best to fuel up throughout the day with healthy eating so you’re getting great nutrition and are ready to continue with your skiing.

  1. Healthy and strong breakfast is a must

I bet you are already aware of this, but I cannot emphasize this enough. Now is not the time to start your diet. Your body will need a lot of extra fuel if you want to keep your skiing holiday fun.

A good breakfast for the day would be some eggs, beans, baked bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast.

If you don’t like scrambled eggs that shouldn’t put you away from them.  There are plenty of delicious ways to enjoy them – you can boil them or poach them.

Drink lots of fluids in the morning. Orange juice or fruit juices don’t have to be such a great choice for your breakfast – they are a tasty treat due to the liquid fructose but are not that nutritional. If you want to boost the intake of the vitamin C, better eat an orange. Coffee for caffeine to get you started is also a go-for here.

Avoid eating just the boxed breakfast cereals. The more colorful the box is, the more sugar they have. Additionally, that nutritional content will not sustain your skiing throughout the day.

Porridge is often seen as the powerhouse of the cereals!

Milk is a good option for a drink if you’re looking for something other than coffee.

  1. Replace afternoon coffee with tea

Plan carefully what are you putting in your bag and plan to throw that extra apple into your backpack for an afternoon snack. More often than not, skiers will forget their lunch in the favor of the tea – that’s why it’s important to make room in your backpack for a healthy snack.

In case you’ve started ‘beer o’clock’ something before afternoon tea time remember to still keep the intake of water balanced. Between alcoholic drinks always drink a glass of water to avoid the double dehydration.

  1. What to avoid?

You are what you eat. Therefore, be extremely careful about the things that you should not take and the things you can take but are not recommended to be taken every day.

Fizzy drinks almost always look like a nice treat on holidays but their ski nutrition is, in fact, zero. Be careful about indulging with beverages that contain alcohol since the dehydration headache is the worst thing that you need when skiing.

On the other side, if you are craving chocolate or potato chips, make sure the intake is limited.

Whatever you do remember – food is fuel on the slopes so enjoy your holiday and save the dieting for the times when there’s less snow!

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