Time flies when you’ve got technology on your side

January 4, 2016 • Travel Tales • Views: 5996

We all know how exciting a trip away can be, but travelling to your destination can be one of the most frustratingly dull experiences you can ever encounter. Whether it’s just a short distance down the road in a car or bus, or even a long haul journey to a different continent or country, luckily the answer to cure travel boredom is within your reach. If you’ve got a smartphone then here are a few apps we think you should download to keep yourself entertained on your travels.


Nowadays nearly all of us take a smartphone wherever we go, whether it’s just a walk down the road or a trip around the world trip. But not all of us realise exactly how much we can actually do on our pocket sized device. You can now download and play games with graphics and gameplay that will rival that of a games console. Some of the most classic titles in gaming like Tomb Rader and Grand Theft Auto now have smartphone versions you can play by just swiping your touch screen. If you just want a quick play though, you can find classic games like word searches and crossword apps free to download. If you’d rather have your television in the back of your car rather than your game console, then you can download full movies and even full TV series onto your phone in great HD quality.


Smartphone technology has even become so advanced that even if you’re travelling to the other end of the country, you can get a good internet signal almost wherever you are. This means you can now keep in touch with your friends whilst you travel. Before you set off download apps like Facebook and Instagram to message and share photos and videos with all your friends during your journey. You can even now play games online on your smartphone whilst you’re away from your laptop and games consoles. If you like visiting the casino, then apps like LadyLucks provide slot games for UK players to enjoy from the comfort of your car, bus or coach seat. They have dozens of different themed slots based on movies like Sherlock Holmes and TV show The Only Way is Essex to keep you entertained.

If you’re not a fan of social media or gaming and want a more traditional form of entertainment then you can still find something that will suit your tastes. Instead of filling your bag or suitcase full of books, you can download hundreds of your phone to take with you wherever you are. Apps like Kindle allow you to read books on your smartphone or tablet without needing another device. There are thousands of different titles priced a lot cheaper than actual books, with some even free to download to your device.




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