3 Fun Gift Ideas for a Technology Lover

June 18, 2019 • Travel Tips • Views: 1991

I love shopping for gifts for other people and when I find the perfect gift, I can’t help but feel excited about giving it to them. Whether you’re hunting for Christmas presents in advance, wanting to spoil your parents for father’s or mother’s day, or just thinking about how best you can spoil your partner, I find technology is always a useful gift. Here are my top 3 fun gift ideas for a technology lover:

1. A Drone
I actually think a drone is one of the most exciting gifts you can give someone, especially someone who loves technology, because it’s almost like two gifts in one. Firstly, it’s an amazing flying machine that’s got a fun learning curve to it. Secondly, most drones these days have built in cameras, meaning that you can not only fly your drone but you can also record things too. There are so many applications where having a drone can transform a fun day out or family vacation into a semi professional movie style day. It can take a few weeks or months to get good at flying a drone, which is a fun hobby anyway. We’ve used our drone at weddings to get pictures of all the guests before, as well as during our travels in order to take the best selfies you can imagine. The options for drone usage are close to unlimited, and it makes one of the best gifts you can give of 2019. Check out this website here for more information on these fun tech gifts.

2. A Smart Watch
If you thought it was crazy enough the amount of amazing things we can do from a cellphone, which is relatively small especially compared to the giant computers of the 70s, your mind might be blown away what smart watches are capable of now. The type of smart watch you’ll buy or gift will likely depend on what kind of smartphone you have, as iPhones work best with iWatches and Android phones work best with Android based smart watches. I personally have an iWatch and I love it. From the small screen I can easily check and reply to messages, make phone calls, check my heart rate and other activity stats, and view a host of my favourite apps. The thing I love most about my smart watch is the automatic tracking features it has. For example my watch keeps an eye on how my steps I take each day, how much I sleep etc, and I can use theses things to figure out what’s working best for me in terms of sleep and health. A smart watch can make the perfect gift for that sporty or busy person in your life as it allows them to stay more connected without any extra work on their part.

3. A Wireless Speaker
If you haven’t got a wireless speaker yet, you’re likely missing out. I use my wireless speaker for almost every opportunity you can think of. If I’m heading to a park with my dogs, I take my wireless speaker to put some music on while the dogs run around the park. When I’m traveling I like to take it with me incase there’s no sound system in my hotel or airbnb. It’s also a great thing to take with you to parties because if there’s no music where you’re sitting, a wireless speaker can be a game changer. These make a great gift idea for the tech lover, especially for those who are in their teens to early 20s. Wireless speakers are also available at a variety of price points, so no matter your budget you should find one that works for you.
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