4 Incredible Things to do in Sardinia

September 14, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 2353

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily. The island is home to some pretty interesting relics from around 1500 BC, including Nuraghes which are essentially round tower-fortresses. There are some 7,000 Nuraghes scattered around the Sardinian landscape, making them an extremely important part of Sardinia’s history and a wonderful holiday destination for those of us who are fascinated by the Bronze age. On Sardinia you’ll also find some beautiful coves and beaches, including Cala Mariolu with it’s piercing blue waters. While visiting Sardinia, opt to take a sailing tour in order to get some of the best views of the island from the sea. Consider booking a family holiday to Sardinia and discovering this magic island for yourself!

Cala Mariolu:
This is probably exactly what you think of what you dream about Sardinia: bright blue water as clear as ice, golden yellow sandy beaches and rocky cliffs lining the beach. Yes, Cala Mariolu is all that and so much more. While there is a rocky path to get to this beach, it’s much more comfortable to visit it by boat. You can even try jumping from one of the cliffs right into the sea. Don’t forget to pack a water proof camera, you’ll want to snap a lot of pictures of this beautiful gem!

Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago di La Maddalena:
It’s probably best to book into a sailing trip to these islands, so you can see a few of them without too much hassle. There’s a lot of good snorkelling in the area, so try to find a tour that includes some snorkelling. Here you’ll find little coves and beaches that feel like your own private paradise.

Su Nuraxi Barumini:
This ancient village is a very special piece of history, estimated to be around 3500 years old which is just a little crazy to think about. It’s very well preserved; you can walk through with a guide who will explain much of the history that is known and some speculation for the pieces that are unknown. Whether you’re a history buff or not, you’ll be impressed by how creative this ancient civilisation was.

Santuario e Basilica di Bonaria:
This is an elegant church and inside you’ll find a wide assortment of beautiful paintings. Make sure you take the time to venture down into the crypts, where you’ll surely be delighted by the intricacy of the design and attention to detail. You can also enjoy some pretty amazing views from the top of the church steps. You can walk here in about twenty minutes from the town centre, making it an easy place to visit.

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