4 Reasons to Take a Cruise For Your Next Family Vacation

September 14, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 1862

Planning a holiday with children is simply a little more challenging. You’ll need to consider what they’ll do while on holiday, often limit the activities you and your partner do in order to best meet the children’s needs and fit your plans around their routine and schedules. What if I told you there was a better alternative? A cruise! Cruise holidays have numerous benefits that make them the ideal trip to take with children, especially young children. Hunt around online to get some great cruise deals! If you’re on the fence about where to go for your next family vacation, read on to learn more about why a cruise may be the perfect solution:

1. Less Stress
There’s so many reasons why cruises are less stressful: no having to worry about bills after every meal or trying to figure out how much tips to add on. You get on board and there’s no rush to catch a train or flight every few days; you literally get to sleep while you’re transported to a new place to explore. Once you’re on board, everything’s all arranged for you so you can just sit by the pool finally getting to read that book you’ve had on your list to read for years. Sounds good to me.

2. Children’s Entertainment and Kids’ Clubs
It can be hard to find holiday destinations that are interesting for kids and adults. Many cruise ships have special kid’s clubs that take care of younger kids during the day so the parents can relax and enjoy their holiday too. The kids will meet other children, make friends, do fun activities and end up having one of their best holidays ever. There’s also usually some family things you can enjoy on board, such as adventure courses and swimming pools, so it’s a great mix. Each cruise will offer different options for children’s entertainment so make sure you pick one that best meets your family’s needs and is age appropriate for your children.

3. No Packing and Moving Around
I get so tired of packing my bags every few days when traveling and it’s even worse if I have to pack a few kids’ bags too. Staying on board a cruise ship means you can unpack for however many days you’re on board. It also means it’s a lot easier to replicate your normal routine with young children, such as keeping their nap schedule. This can make a world of difference when traveling with little kids who often get upset and grumpy if their schedule is disrupted, making it a lot harder for mum and dad to enjoy their trip.

4. Free Time in New Countries to Explore
On port days you can head into the cities to explore, getting to see a range of new places that might otherwise be hard to visit in the same trip. Many cruise ships offer fun excursions in the ports so you can see a lot of the place in a short period of time. The other great thing is if you’re having too much fun on the cruise ship and don’t want to head off for the day, you can just relax on board and it will be much quieter than usual!

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