4 Of The Best Places To Live In The World

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Travelling around the world is one thing, and for many people that is exciting enough in itself. But sometimes you come across a place that is especially enticing, and where you might even decide that you could spend a long time there for a variety of reasons. As it happens, you might even want to buy a home and settle there, and those places are particularly special. There are certainly a number of places around the world which are likely to be particularly prone to people having this kind of experience, and if you are keen to know what they are, then read on. In this article, we are going to take a look at a number of places around the world which are great to live in, for a variety of reasons. Consider all of these if you are thinking of a move and you are not quite sure yet where you want to go.

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Those who have never been to Indonesia might well wonder what all the fuss is about, but for anyone who has ever stepped foot into this part of the world, it should be pretty clear. There really is nowhere quite like Indonesia. For a start, it has one of the most impressively interesting and diverse cultural histories, and that seeps through everything in the modern landscape as you walk around its cities, towns and countryside. But Indonesia also offers friendly people, an easygoing and relaxed culture, and some of the most delicious food anywhere in Asia – and that’s saying something. It should therefore come as no surprise that plenty of people do choose to live in Indonesia, in particular Jakarta, and a quick search of jual rumah murah 100juta will show just how easy it might be to land your own property in that vibrant and bustling city. Indonesia could be the place of your dreams, so give it a go.



Speaking of unique and interesting cultures, a word has to be said for Japan. There really is nowhere like Japan, and if you have ever visited for a short-term trip, you will almost certainly have been blown away by how fascinating a place it is. We referenced the fact that Jakarta is bustling, but Tokyo is something else altogether. In fact, it is the most densely populated city in the world, and for a lot of people you might well think that this would be something of a turn-off. Nonetheless, it is so populated for a reason, and one reason is that it is so popular with people from all over the world who have descended on it to live there. There are many things that attract those individuals and families: the technology-driven culture, the traditional Japanese food, the over-polite and friendly locals. If you are thinking of making a move to somewhere fascinating and exciting in equal parts, Japan is your choice.

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If you ask expats their main reason for choosing to live in Canada, you are likely to hear the same thing over and over again: essentially, that it’s a beautiful piece of land. This is certainly true, and there is so much of it, too. Canada is absolutely enormous, after all, with most of the land actually being uninhabitable due to a variety of climate and weather conditions, and more than a few deadly animals. But for those parts of the country which are inhabited, there are many wonderful things to enjoy. A lot of people are drawn to the famously friendly nature of the Canadians. Many others still might find the liberal social politics particularly forward-thinking and refreshing in an age of Trumps and Putins. Either way, there is no doubt that it is a wonderfully inviting and welcoming place to live, and somewhere that is likely to offer you plenty.



It might sound a bit strange to just have Australia on this list as one point, as it is such a monstrously big country that it is really like many nations in one. Indeed, before the British invasion, it was exactly that, with something in the region of many thousands of languages and cultural barriers. Today, it is marked out as 8 distinct states, and they all vary in their culture a little. However, wherever you do decide to go, you will find it is a great place to live. Sydney, NSW, is particularly popular, as is Perth over in Western Australia. If you want a little bit of the smaller city life, then the pretty Queensland city of Brisbane might be more to your taste. In any case, it’s the sun, sea and surf that really attracts people, and the cheap seafood isn’t bad either.

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