Planning Your Next Trip: 6 Pros and Cons of Using a Travel Agent

May 3, 2019 • Travel Tips • Views: 2198

If you’re planning your next trip and you’re thinking about finding a travel agent, there are a few pros and cons to consider. With everything being available online, you can definitely book everything without a travel agent. Yet, there are certain situations and troubles that a travel agent can solve in a matter of a few minutes and you might end up spending days – if not weeks – trying to finding a way out. On the other hand, a travel agent – especially if they have little to no experience in working in this industry – can ruin your vacation and charge pretty money for it. Without further ado, here are 6 pros and cons of using a travel agent:


  1. Pro: A travel agent is always there for you no matter what happens

Chances are, your travel agent has been around for long and they’re aware of what to look for when planning a business trip, a honeymoon trip, or just a vacation. Your travel agent has access to a variety of technology to make quick bookings and spot any weather delays, for instance. The airlines tend to notify travel agents first if there are any delays.


Moreover, thanks to automated systems, a travel agent can easily rebook and change itineraries in case of a natural disaster or your family issues. A travel agent will also help you to choose a travel insurance policy that will meet your individual needs and your travel goal.

In case a flight is canceled, your travel agent will help you to fix the issue with little to no stress. You don’t have to worry about. Of course, it’s important to find a professional travel agent.


  1. Con: It’s not easy to find a truly reliable agent

There are many travel agents these days, but not all of them are reliable. A travel agent who doesn’t understand their clients’ desires and needs isn’t reliable. If they have no idea what they are doing, you risk spoiling your trip without even flying. If you find a travel agent who offers limited possibilities and booking options, that’s one of the signs they’re not professional.


Moreover, a long response time can indicate you’re dealing with an unprofessional agent. Poor communication is typically an indication that they’re working as a travel agent part-time or they’re just too busy with other clients. If you’re dealing with an inexperienced travel agent who books you with their favorite suppliers without notifying you, chances are, they’re not for you.


  1. Pro: You can relax and enjoy the trip

Instead of wasting your time doing research or bookings on your own, a highly reliable travel agent can anticipate amenities and to expenses “help you keep everything in check, including tourism fees, resort fees, meal costs, and any other extra costs that will break the bank.  In case you’re planning an international getaway or a complicated trip, a travel agent can provide you with a full guidance and help you solve the tiniest issue.


When you use a travel agent, you give yourself a reason to relax and don’t care about the details. Travel agents have good relationships with thousands of companies worldwide – even in the most isolated destinations, including Mongolia. Once you tell your travel agent where you want to go, they’d suggest you what’s better to do in that place, where to go, what’s better to be skipped, or what’s forbidden. All you should do is just choose your dream destination and leave the rest of the work for a travel agent.


  1. Con: It can be expensive

When you hire a travel agent, you should be ready to pay for their travel advice, time, connections, and other stuff they provide you with. There are no set fees and prices, and each travel agent has their own prices. Even though in many cases travel agents help their clients to get the biggest values and deals, you’ll have to pay for their knowledge, consultation, attention, and efforts. While your travel agent can do anything to suit your budget, sometimes it’s truly cheaper to make planning and bookings yourself.


For instance, you want to visit a certain country this weekend, you can book a hostel and a bus ticket or a flight ticket and save on fees and commissions that a travel agent charges. You can  see more details on what it’s like to book a bus.In fact, there are many discount booking sites that can help you save a lot of cash. However, if you’re planning a complicated trip or a honeymoon trip, it’s still best to use a travel agent.


  1. Pro: You can negotiate with the bigger suppliers for discounts

Getting access to the service suppliers that offer astonishing discounts is one of the top reasons to hire a travel agent. Rather than spend hours doing research and looking for the best deals, ask a travel agent for help. As a member of the large industry, a travel agent has diverse connections and can help you get incredible discounts. The experienced travel agents work in huge networks and have built relationships with global suppliers that you can’t even contact. Not all booking sites provide you direct access to the award-winning tour operators, hotel managers, and chefs.


If you’re lucky to find a reliable travel agent, they can fill your trip with surprises and happy moments. And sometimes, a reliable agent can beat those astonishingly low internet prices, especially if you’re a loyal customer. The majority of travel agents have direct access to their own distribution and booking systems, which provide access to hotel rooms, airline tickets, and cruise packages. Even though you’ll pay your agent commissions, you might still get more cash back in luxury amenities, including breakfast and beverage and spa credits.


  1. Con: You and your travel agent may have different ideas about comfort and luxury

Your travel agent is definitely not you. You might have different ideas about comfort and luxury, so you might end up paying for the services that you have never used. Unless you’re not a picky traveler, it’s better to plan your trip yourself.

There are many benefits of using a travel agent, but it depends on the situation. Plan your trip and see if you need someone’s help.


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