5 Ways to Save Money While Planning to Travel Abroad

December 13, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 2300

When you’re out travelling and embracing the world it makes sense to try to get the most out of your money so you can be ready for any unexpected expenses, or even just get one or two more nights or destinations out of your trip. Luckily there are plenty of ways to save before you even set off to travel overseas.

Book Late

Normally you’re advised to plan travel well in advance, but if you’re willing to take what comes your way there are great deals available when hotels, airlines and even cruise companies get desperate to sell off those last few spaces. There are companies who specialise in brokering these deals so a quick search online can score you some excellent deals.


Don’t Waste Money on A SAT-NAV

If you plan to make your trip by car, or even just drive yourself around once you get there, you’re probably thinking you’ll need a SAT-NAV, but this could be an unnecessary expense. If you already have a smartphone, free apps like Navmii—or even just careful use of Google Maps—can do the job just as well without your needing to invest in a whole new device.

Get Travel Accessories in Advance

Airports can get away with charging more for sleep masks, power adapters, and magnetic Scrabble sets because they know they’re your last chance to pick them up, but you can get the same merchandise from supermarkets and pound shops in advance to really slash the price of travel.


Save Money with Free Photo Printing

If you’re keen to take plenty of holiday snaps, look for camera shops offering a free set of prints with a camera or similar offers. For those who want to immortalise their holiday memories, this cost after the trip can have a surprising sting.

Use a Specialist Currency Exchange Service

If you exchange currency at your bank or even just use your card in another country there are fees to pay that can really reduce how far your money can go, but if you use a service like Foreign Exchange you can buy foreign currency much more cheaply, and even leave instructions to buy currency when the exchange rate hits a certain value.


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