From Amsterdam To Berlin: Easy Ways To See More Of Europe During One Trip!

December 12, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 3001

I think everyone hopes to manage to travel to all the European cities before they die. After all, there are so many amazing ones which are worth a visit. European cities like Berlin have amazing landmarks, food, and people that you just have to meet. But it can be expensive to visit just one of the cities, so we tend to just travel to one each trip. However, you might be surprised that there are some ways you can see more during your travels. After all, it’s so easy to pass through each city in Europe. Therefore, here are some easy ways to see more of Europe during one trip.

Get a rail pass

A train is a good option when you are considering how to get between each European city. After all, you can get to a new city in just a couple of hours. There are many different rail routes across Europe. For one thing, you might consider going on the Eurostar. If you are visiting London, you can get the Eurostar to Bruges, Belgium, and Paris. And the best thing about it is it only takes a couple of hours. A lot of people also look into getting a rail pass when they are hoping to travel across Europe. You can pay just one price and then can use the pass to get from city to city in Europe. There are even some overnight trains which will ensure you can travel a long distance to another place in Europe. The Eurorail travels across 28 countries so that you will see plenty of Europe during your travels. Just make sure you plan your trip to a tee. After all, you will have to state where you are planning to go. And if you are organized, it will ensure you don’t end up missing that all-important train!


Opt for a cruise

Another way you can see more of Europe is by going on a cruise. After all, the organized trip will ensure you see so many areas of Europe while you are sailing on water. It will often dock in the best areas, and you can take a look at what the amazing city has to offer. You tend to pay one price and then you will have the food and entertainment included. That way, when you are not exploring the cities, you have plenty to do on the cruise. However, a cruise is not for everyone. Therefore, you might want to opt for a river cruise instead which will still ensure you see a lot of Europe as you travel across the different rivers. And when it comes to river cruises, there are fewer people, so it’s perfect if you don’t like large crowds. You can still enjoy fantastic views while you travel across the rivers. And it’s a great way to see more of Europe during just one vacation!

Go on an organized coach tour

It’s also a good idea to see if there are any coach tours arranged which will take travelers from one European destination to the next. You will be surprised how many companies arrange trips which allow travelers to see all the best cities. You can look online to find ones which you can join. It might mean some overnight traveling, but a lot of the buses will have heating and a toilet so that you have everything you need. And remember to take advantage of the hop-on buses when you are in each city. They are an excellent way to ensure you can see all the best landmarks. After all, if you are only in one city for a couple of days, you want to be able to see as much as possible. And walking might not be the quickest way to get around each city!

Drive through the countries

If you don’t mind driving, it’s worth taking a look at how much it would cost to rent a car that you can use to travel across Europe. After all, it’s one of the easiest ways to get between cities. You will need to make sure it’s with a company who has stops in each country. That way, wherever you end up, you can drop off your car easily. If you are planning to do a road trip, it’s vital that you plan your route before you travel. That way, you won’t end up getting lost when you travel. And so that you don’t end up paying a fortune for car parks, you might want to use some form of app like Just Park where you can park at someone’s house. It’s often a lot cheaper than parking in the center of a busy city! And remember to check where the tolls are on the way between countries. After all, you will have to pay every time you go into a new country!


Book flights with European discount airlines

It might not be the cheapest option, but going on flights between countries is often the best way to see more of Europe during your trip. After all, you can easily get to a new country in just an hour or two. And it can be a lot more convenient than having to get on a boat or train between countries. There are some cheap flights available which can get you between countries. If you look on European discount airlines sites like Ryanair, you might find a cheap flight. They often charge a low fare price and then add extras like baggage which can be expensive. But if you are traveling light, then it can be a really cheap way to see more of Europe! Just make sure you book in advance to get it for an affordable rate. And travel on weekdays and at less popular times to get the lowest price on your travels.

Consider hitchhiking

Okay, hitchhiking isn’t always the safest way to get around. But it can often be a cheap way to get from city to city. As this article says, hitching is common in Europe to get from one country to the next. You just have to make sure you feel safe before getting in someone’s car that you don’t know. If you don’t trust them, it’s best to refuse their offer. There are some apps now which you can use to find people who are offering lifts. That way, you are guaranteed a lift and it can feel a safer option!

Car share with other travelers

It’s always worth grouping up with other travelers if you want to travel between European countries. You might be able to car share with them to cheaply get from one place to the next. After all, hiring a car on your own can be rather expensive. And by car sharing, you can both take turns at driving on the way. Even if you don’t car share, a fellow traveler will make a good buddy if you have to travel a long way via a boat or a train. You can look online to find travelers who are planning to do the same route as you.

And here are some of the other things you need to sort when you are organizing a trip to Europe. Just make sure you check the country’s currency as they don’t all take Euros. Switzerland and the United Kingdom are just two that have their own currency. You don’t want to get to either of these and find that you don’t have money to pay for anything! And remember to not pack too much if you are traveling from city to city. After all, it can be painful dragging a suitcase during your trip.

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