5 Ways to Stay Fresh When Traveling Long Haul

August 19, 2014 • Travel Tips • Views: 3220

Traveling long haul can feel both exciting and tiresome at the very same time. It can be very demanding on your body, your sleep and your patience. Even if you’ve been waiting all year for this trip, it can seem like a nightmare if you are dealing with some long haul flights. Of course, everything will pay off in the end when you will finally reach your destination, but until you get there, make sure to stay as fresh as possible because it can make all the difference!


Good Deodorant

This may seem like a basic thing to do, but do invest in some really good deodorant if you plan on traveling long haul. It can save you from a lot of trouble, from a lot of sweat and from the bad odour that comes with sitting in one place for such a long time without the possibility of taking an actual shower. Go for a deodorant that will keep you fresh and nice-smelling and you will avoid a large part of the discomfort that comes with traveling on longer distances. Rexona
Clinical for Women provides long lasting protection from smelling bad or sweating too much. If you can, pack your deodorant in your carry-on so you can freshen up mid flight!

Wet Wipes

When it’s hot outside and you are stuck in a car, in a bus or in a plane for a lot of hours, the last thing you want is to feel sticky. You obviously cannot simply take a shower, but what you can do is use some wet wipes for your face and neck area. Go for the antiseptic ones because they will remove all the bacteria partying on your body when traveling long haul.


Hydrate Yourself

When you travel on a long distance and you are not the one driving, you may feel tempted not to drink a lot of water because you can’t simply pull over and go to the bathroom. However, you should know that keeping yourself hydrated on a long trip is very important. Dehydration can cause muscle cramps, it can make you feel awful and it can lead to terrible headaches so make sure you refill your body with the water it needs so much. Don’t drink excessively and you will be just fine!

Get Some Sleep

It may be difficult for you to take a nap in the plane, but it can really make the difference for you once you get out of it. Especially since you will most likely be traveling to an entirely different timezone, you will feel very tired and you should take advantage of the many hours spent on a plane where you’ve got nothing better to do than relax for a bit. Close your eyes, get your headphones and allow yourself to rest because it can really refresh your body and your mind.


Eat, but Don’t Eat a Lot

Eating on the plane is a good idea if you want to stay fresh for all the “thousands” of hours that are left until your destination. However, make sure you have something light to eat and that you don’t overdo it. Too much food can make you feel cranky and tired so make sure you get just enough to replenish your body’s nutrients.

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