Tips for Traveling Solo

August 21, 2014 • Travel Tips • Views: 4477

There are too many people out there afraid of the idea of traveling solo, but the real truth is that it can be as rewarding an experience as traveling with friends or with a boyfriend/girlfriend can be. There are so many places to see in the world and it would be a real pity to miss out on them just because your friends are not available! There are lots of ways to have enjoyable singles holidays from organised tours to just traveling on the fly. Here are some great tips about traveling solo, having fun while doing it and staying safe too:


Common Sense

It does not matter if you are a woman or a man: you are still at risk of being robbed, mugged and pickpocket (or even worse). So, please use your common sense. If something smells fishy, don’t do it. Don’t go to that odd bar and don’t walk alone at night. Don’t wear flashy clothes and jewelry and don’t flash your money so that strangers can see that you’ve got a lot of it. Dress as normally as possible and avoid, in general, avoid looking like a tourist. Most likely, locals are wonderful people willing to help – but for some of them, you will look like a credit card walking around their territory if you appear too much of a tourist. Also, please don’t sleep in hostels that look dubious – better pay that extra couple of dollars and actually be able to close your eyes for some nice, well-resting sleep.


Before you leave, make sure you have your paperwork with you. Your passport, your visa, your ID and every other bit of important paper – make sure you make a copy of them and that you keep the copy, not the original with you. This way, if your wallet gets stolen or lost, you will not have lost such important documents!


Get Familiar with the Place

It can be difficult not to get lost as a tourist, but the truth is that some preparing ahead will avoid you having to take a look at the map in the middle of the street (which will obviously attract unwanted attention on you). Before you leave your hostel/hotel, make sure to check out with the public transportation map and to memorize as much as you can. If you really need to stop and ask someone for some advice, make sure that you’re asking a person who looks reliable and try to hint at the fact that you’re meeting someone at that particular spot you have just asked about.

Solo Supplements

If there is one money-related thing that is absolutely absurd when it comes to solo traveling then that should be the fact that so many travel agencies will make you pay for the solo supplement – that is, for the fact that you are not coming with a pair. To avoid this, you can either book at the last moment (which means that the agency will be more eager to sell the ticket even without the solo supplement) or to go for agencies that pair solo people together.

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