8 Miami Nightlife Destinations to Experience

October 23, 2018 • Travel Tips • Views: 2173

While Miami is a perfectly good beach destination with amazing beach-facing bars and plenty of sun decks, it’s best experienced from the sky. Bordered by modern skyscrapers the beach takes a whole new look when you see it from a helicopter. Booking Miami helicopter charter tours online is easy and more affordable than you think.

After a long day of Miami helicopter charter tour, it is time to get to the party. What is the point of getting a tan at the beach if you cannot head over to the best nightclubs to party the night away? Here are some of the nightclubs to enjoy in Miami.


Looking to catch celebrity DJs in Miami? The story is the nightclub to get into. From budding DJs to well-established celebrity DJs perform at Story every weekend. Getting into the party can be a tough task if you do not buy tickets well in advance. So, when you book your Miami helicopter charter tour, you can visit the Story website and book tickets for the events.

Ball and Chain

Contrary to the flashy modern clubs of Miami is the Ball & Chain concert hall. The 1930s concert hall was renovated and opened in 2014. Yet it preserves its Little Havana charm and boasts a beautiful open garden seating arrangement. Food, drinks, and entertainment draw crowds to Ball & Chain.


Lagniappe House

Far from the main party areas, the Lagniappe House is located in Midtown Miami. Local jazz bands churn out soothing tunes every night. Unlike most exclusive, high strung nightclubs, the Lagniappe House provides a laid-back experience. You can enjoy a romantic night out over wine and great food at the Lagniappe House after a romantic Miami helicopter charter tour.

Wall Lounge

At the W South Beach Hotel, you can find one of the best VIP nightclubs. Wall Lounge is all about the plenty VIP areas where you may end up getting a glimpse of your favorite stars. Once you manage to get in, you will be awed by the beautiful décor and mind-blowing music.

Hyde Beach

Bored of all the indoor noise? Head over to SLS South Beach Hotel. The Hyde Beach nightclub offers the option of partying indoors and out. You can hang out by the pool and toss back drinks once you manage to get the velvet ropes to open. Apart from night long parties, Hyde Beach is a popular destination for pool parties as well.

Pawn Broker

You can enjoy drinks at a nightclub that is in the National Register of Historic Places. Pawn Broker is a rooftop hotel at the Langford Hotel. You can enjoy stunning views of the Miami skyline along with your drink at the Pawnbroker.


Nightlife in Miami is not all about getting drunk. At the Basement, you can enjoy the four-lane bowling alley and ice-skating rink. Basement is far more welcoming than most nightclubs in Miami.


Looking to enjoy the local talents? Head to Bardot for the night’s entertainment. The nightclub has a simple décor of an oriental rug and some couches. Different genera of music can be heard booming out of the doors of the Bardot every night.

These are only a few of the quirky and hip nightlife destinations that one must check out on their trip to Miami. If you are refused entry into one nightclub, there are many more around the corner.


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