Sailing Solo: What to Expect from a Solo Cruise Holiday

October 23, 2018 • Travel Tips • Views: 4997

Travelling solo brings with it sweeping highs and crashing lows. It can push a person way beyond their comfort zone and at the same time form friendships that don’t tend to happen in the same way when travelling with friends.

Cruise holidays are well suited to the solo traveller – here’s a look at what to expect:

Beach Time

The typical cruise itinerary transports passengers between beautiful white beaches on tranquil, peaceful islands. There are a number of beach resorts owned by cruise companies, such as Labadee, the Haitian paradise owned by Royal Caribbean cruises.

Vacations and tourism concept: Caribbean Paradise.

Cities of Culture

Travelling solo allows you take in the best of city excursions without stopping for toilet breaks and ice cream every 10 minutes. Additionally, being a party of one you are far more likely to be able to get a place on a packed guided tour at the last minute.

Of course, you can visit beautiful cities without going on a cruise. But a real plus point of this type of holiday is that you can visit multiple cities and unpack once. Win win.

Cruise1st are currently offering a Singapore to Fremantle cruise taking in a number of beautiful and culturally significant destinations including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

Beautiful Ships and Dedicated Service

Cruise ships pride themselves on providing exceptional service to their passengers, with a high crew:passenger ratio they can devote a lot of time and attention to all guests. From dedicated butlers to entertainment officers, cruise ships want every aspect of your holiday is relaxing and enjoyable.

The Norwegian Epic plays host to 128 studio rooms designed especially for solo travellers, demonstrating what a popular option this is amongst cruise aficionados.


Meet New People

Travelling solo is a fantastic way to meet new, interesting people – and the typical cruise passenger is more than happy to share their experiences with you. Being so well travelled, the average cruiser has got a myriad of interesting tales to share from all around the world.  Many cruise lines accommodate a system allowing solo travellers to dine with groups or with other solo travellers at meal times to share stories, experiences and cocktails.

Additionally, many cruise lines offer Gentleman Hosts aboard their ships. These gentlemen play host to independent travellers, joining them in conversation, dancing, games, shore excursions and shipboard activities.

If all else fails, treat yourself to a power catamaran and go on a truly solo adventure. It won’t be the same as a cruise, and your choice of new friends will be limited to the other sailors you encounter out in the big blue sea, but it’s sure to be the adventure of a lifetime.



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