Bored in Dubai? Try some of these fun new things to do

November 17, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 2709

If you’re not sure how to entertain yourself or the kids this year, and assume you’ve discovered all there is to discover in Dubai, you couldn’t be more wrong. Whether you want to let your inner geek out to play, or discover the latest, greatest, and most exciting things to do in Dubai, here are just a few of the best:


Learn Pottery

If you’ve always liked the idea of relaxing with clay in your hands, and making unique decorations for your home with your own two hands, check out Yadawei, which will teach you everything you need to know to get started in the basics of ceramics and pottery. You’ll also get to use a pottery wheel so may find yourself launching a new career if you’re particularly talented.

Take Dance Classes

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to tango or fancy yourself as quite the belly dancer (in the future), you can choose from a variety of dancing at Ductac which is located in the Mall of the Emirates. You’ll be able to pick a class depending on your level of experience, and while there aren’t any in-house teachers for contemporary dance, you’ll find courses running through the year for both beginners and more experienced dancers.

Learn to Survive

Always wanted to feature on Man vs Wild? Now you can actually test your skills and learn many more tricks with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy Course. You’ll have 24 hours where you’ll learn to make a fire from scratch, gut a fish, learn how to deal with snakebites, and even learn how to make a stretcher for injuries.


Swim at Night

Ditch your pool days and instead go for pool evenings. Check out Le Meridien Mina Seyahi, which has a night swimming offer, and you’ll get to access the infinity pool, and can even turn it into an all-nighter with food and drinks from the Horizon Pool Lounge.

Try Archery Tag

For those who loved The Hunger Games, you’ll soon be able to re-enact your favourite scenes inside a massive trampoline park. Flip Out Dubai will have two completely immersive and themed fields for archery tag, and they’ll be launching soon. You’ll have fun with a combination of paintball and dodgeball and can use real (foam-tipped) arrows to hit your opponents.

Run up a wall

You’ll be able to become a wallrunner and learn a bunch of new tricks at the wallrunning academy. Sign up for a beginners session, and it’ll be just you and one other person so you’ll have plenty of attention from the instructor and three hours to learn your wallrunning skills.

Eat in the Dark

Over the food scene in Dubai? Book at table at Noire, where you’ll eat delicious gourmet food, while completely in the dark. Waiters will lead you to your table (they’re wearing night vision goggles) and you’ll be in for a seriously cool experience.

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