Best Airplane Pet Carrier

November 18, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 2802

Traveling with your pup can be an amazing experience for both of you – but before you embark on your journey, you should also know that choosing the right airplane pet carrier is very important. How to do it? What are some of the best dog crates out there? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more about choosing the best airplane carrier for your little furry friend.

Airline compliance

One of the very important elements to consider when searching for an airline pet carrier is making sure all standards of quality are met. Airlines will put at your disposal all the specific criteria you need to consider when purchasing a dog crate for traveling, so read carefully and pick the one that works best for your situation.

The size

Your pet needs to feel fully comfortable in his pet carrier, so be sure to take his measurements and add in some extra so that he can move around at least a bit during the flight. Thankfully, you can find a pet carrier for almost any range of dog sizes, so you can rest assured that this will be easy to work with.

The extras

Aside from the actual space your puppy will use during the flight, you might want to look after extras as well. For instance, you might want to look after a pet carrier that has extra storage room on top of the crate itself. This will make packing easier and better organized, so that you can truly make the most of it for yourself and for your furry buddy too.

The resistance

As you probably guessed it, your pet carrier should be resistant enough for your dog. You really don’t want your puppy to get hurt in any way throughout the flight and you don’t want him to find it easy to escape the carrier either. Therefore, analyzing the resistance of the pet carrier you are buying is extremely important.

In general, the resistance of a carrier depends on several factors – materials and the way they are brought together being the most important ones. Run a little research, see which dog crates are generally considered to be resistant (and, even more specifically, resistant for your particular puppy) – and only purchase one when you know for sure it’s a great option for your particular case.

The design

Sometimes, the design of a pet carrier can matter too. In general, the pet carriers for smaller dogs tend to be more stylish and more interesting in terms of designs. However, you will also be likely to find a larger pet carrier with a nice-looking design to it as well. Of course, this is not necessarily a crucial criterion, but it can make a difference for a lot of people.

As you will find out, there are many types of dog crates and many things to consider when buying one for your puppy’s adventures. With a little attention to detail and know-how though, you can definitely find the one that suits you 100%!

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