Cost Involved While Hitting Las Vegas

October 22, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 3660

If you are looking forward to travel to Las Vegas anytime soon, you may plan as from now itself if you want to have “the sky is the limit” Vegas experience or the budget-minded one. Prices at Las Vegas are usually seasonal and they have a tendency to increase during weekends, holidays, and for special events. Depending from where you are flying from to reach Sin City, it can cost you between £100 to over £600 per person. A romantic 4-days weekend in Sin City for 2 persons that include the meals, shows, other adventures, and of course gambling normally can cost about £2,000 or above.

The room rates at the prestigious Hotels and Casino Reports fluctuate a lot, but if you shop around, you can possibly find inexpensive lodging on the Strip. A Standard room at the Wynn Las Vegas will set you back by about $150 to $350 for a night in a double occupancy room and it entirely depends on whether it’s a weeknight or weekend, whereas suites can be $1,000 or more per night. You will discover an abundance of hostels in Las Vegas where you only require to pay around $13 per night. However, these hostels are quite far from the Strip and this would require that you have a car to get around. It will cost you around $30 per night if you want to enjoy your privacy in a private single room in these hostels.


If all these costs are out of your travel budget but you still truly desire to experience the authentic casino of Las Vegas, you may head straight to Magical Vegas Casino. This mobile casino is the online version of Vegas and on this site you can truly breathe the atmosphere that emanates right from the Vegas casinos, without having to incur any of the travelling, lodging, or any associated costs. The huge range of casino games found at Magical Vegas will dazzle you just like the neon lights of Sin City. Here you can play exciting games such as slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, and even live casino games. Magical Vegas will definitely make you feel the magic of Vegas at home or anywhere else.

However, if you still want to spend on the entertainment, attractions, food, gambling, and other miscellaneous activities of Las Vegas, then you can try to look up for freebies, free drinks, show tickets, and reduced accommodations. Budget hotels and casino resorts such as Circus Circus located on the strip have prices of around $50 per night. There are loads of casinos that offer you cheap room rates so that you spend on their casinos. Such deals can easily be found online. Most casino and hotels offer a buffet, where you can pay around $20 per session. If you are looking for a meal at a reasonable price, it can cost you around $30.

Whatever the price at Las Vegas, you will still be blown away by its amazing variety of restaurants, diners, events, shows, concerts, and people. Among the glitz and neon at Sin City, everything comes with a cost, but it’s all worth the unique experience!


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