Travelling with jewellery: packing tips and more

October 19, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 2702

If you’re jetting off to an exotic location, you’ll definitely want to make your friends jealous with amazing holiday snaps. You’ll naturally want to look your best in the photos, so packing right is key.

Jewellery is a great way of updating any look and can be a real blessing if you’re travelling light. Different accessories can completely alter an outfit, minimising the I’ve-already-worn-it dilemmas — but how do you keep your jewellery safe in transit? Here, House of Fraser shares their tips for travelling with jewellery:

Leave valuables at home

Tourists are particularly vulnerable to crime while travelling, so if you do have those multi-carat diamond earrings or expensive sparkler, it’s best to leave them at home. This is often a wise option not just for safeguarding your belongings but for putting your mind at rest too, helping you to enjoy the entirety of your trip without worry.

If you are set on taking your valuables with you, make sure you take out adequate insurance on them in advance of travelling should anything happen to them.


Pack them right

We’ve all done it; gently placed our necklaces in our wash bags only to arrive at our destination, open it back up and find they’re completely tangled. If you’re not one for fathoming knots, take precautions as you pack to avoid these annoyances and damage to your jewellery.

A specially designed travel case is a great option, as they have specific compartments for each of your items, preventing them from tangling. To make them easier to pack, you can get jewellery rolls, which are more compact and will take up less space. You can also get the Best Compression Packing Cubes for Travel to help you save space and make everything organized.

There are other makeshift options too. For example, larger buttons can be used to store earrings. Push the earrings through the holes and attach the fastening to the back. Using one button for each pair will keep them together, so they’ll be no rootling around in your bag to find a set. Straws can also be threaded onto the chains of necklaces to reduce the chances of them getting tangled.

Keep your jewellery in your hand luggage

Storing your jewellery in your carry-on bag is a wise choice, as you’re able to keep an eye on it throughout the duration of your trip. Where possible, you could even wear some pieces too.

Packing jewellery, especially expensive items, in the hold luggage is not advised, as these suitcases could easily go missing during your flight.

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