Everything you Need to Know Before your First Cruise Holiday

November 10, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 5649

There are a lot of things that make a cruising holiday special. It’s bound to be one of the best holidays you’ve ever been on with so many amazing things to see and do. However, there are a few handy hints and tips that you should know beforehand to ensure your cruising holiday is plain sailing. Here’s some of the essential tips for first time cruising:


Dress Codes

Pay attention to the dress code that is outlined when you book your cruise. If you’re heading on a cruise with several formal nights and you haven’t got the correct attire with you, getting hold of something in the middle of the ocean can be tricky and if possible, hugely expensive. Always have options with you for formal nights with you and be sure to have the correct dress for countries where dressing more modestly in public might be required. This ensures that you’re prepared for all occasions and won’t offend any locals.

Booking Flights

One thing a lot of first time cruisers do is make the start of their holiday unnecessarily stressful by booking flights too close to the departure time of the cruise. Cruises wait for no one and with airport delays more frequent than ever before, planning ahead of schedule is essential. It’s recommended that your book your flights into the port destination that you’re due to set sail from for the day before in order to ensure you have time for any delays, this also gives you an extra night of your holiday to explore a new city.



Many of the most popular tourist destinations will already have excursions that you can book on to however, if you want to explore a particular place alone be sure to check out how you can get there and the options for booking tickets and organising transport before you cruise. This means you won’t waste valuable time when off the ship waiting in long queues and miss the attractions you really want to see. A lot of the time the excursions with the cruise get you to the heart of the action so you don’t miss out of anything so it’s well worth checking out all of the options which your cruise liner offers.

When cruising with Iglu Cruise, there’s ample opportunities to visit all the locations you want to see the most and plenty of help at hand for first time cruisers who’re adjusting to life at sea so why not embark on your first cruising adventure today.

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