Skiing on a Budget: A Guide for Holiday Planning

November 7, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 5890

Skiing is notoriously as one of the most costly types of holiday on offer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it if you’re on a budget. This post points you in the right direction to get more for your money on a skiing trip.

Choosing your Destination

Research the cheapest destinations as your first step. Eastern European destinations tend to give the cheapest deals, flights and accommodation. But with this comes the fact that you won’t necessarily be getting the luxury of Alpine, Canadian or Japanese skiing resorts – or the sheer expense of the facilities there. A little research goes a long way. Make sure you check the high and low seasons of each place you check out to make sure you get the best deals.

Ski holidays in France allow you to combine some of the best ski fields in the world, with all the wonders of France, from the rich history, beautiful museums and excellent cuisine.


Package deal or DIY?

Weighing up the options of going with a package trip, or going it alone with a DIY approach can be difficult with a skiing holiday as there are a lot more factors involved than your standard package holiday. When you organise your own trip rather than buying a package, you’ll have to consider all of the following on your own:

  • Flights and airport transfers – you’ll need to check luggage small print for each flight to make sure you can bring equipment with you if you plan to.
  • Accommodation – getting self-catered accommodation is good but make sure there’s a decent place to buy cheap food when you arrive.
  • Ski Lift Pass – get this in advance to save a lot of hassle.
  • Foreign Currency – set yourself a daily budget and set aside extra just in case.
  • Travel Insurance – a real necessity for skiing, as it is high risk for injury.
  • Ski Hire/Lessons – some resorts have beginner’s discount so look out for it.

Package deals, like the ones you can find on Iglu Ski, take the stress out of coordinating the nitty gritty elements of your holiday them into one price per person with fewer aspects to work out for yourself. Depending on destination, season and accommodation, a package deal could work out better for you in terms of cost.


Plan Ahead

Check out the cost-effectiveness of hiring skis, gear and equipment before you get out there. Most decent resorts have prices listed on their websites, so you can tally up your expenses that way. Options for food depend on where you go; again, research in the planning stage is key. Working your rough daily expenditure out before the trip is a smart way to budget and save money for the fun part.

These tips help you make a good start on planning your skiing holiday, but don’t forget to cover all bases before your trip – get organised beforehand and you’ll have a smooth trip.


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