Exquisite Holiday Locations in the UK

August 6, 2014 • Travel Tips • Views: 4860

So many prospective holiday goers set their sites on the most exotic or glamorous destinations, forgetting that beauty in this world comes in many different guises. The UK, for example, though not a tropical paradise or a land teeming with red-hot beach resorts, still has its fair share of beautiful and enchanting areas. Some of the very best of those are listed right here.


The Magic of Cornwall

If you speak to the older generations of true, Cornish-born folk, many of them will insist that the county isn’t in fact part of England. True, such a sentiment is largely a hangover from Cornwall’s fairly isolationist past. However there is also large amount of truth to the statement as well; the scenery, people, pubs and local culture of Cornwall are in fact incomparable to the rest of the United Kingdom. Cornwall’s history of mining and seafaring have left a lasting impression on its rugged and beautiful landscapes. You can revisit the mythology of Cornwall’s pirating past at the notorious Jamaica Inn, which lies just north of Bodmin. Or for a less sinister seaside adventure, spend a few days in the beautiful coastal town of St. Ives, famous for its seafood. But food isn’t all the Cornish are renowned for. They like their beer too. And you’ll find none finer than at than the Jacob’s Ladder Inn, in Falmouth. But all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Really, the depth and beauty of Cornwall needs to be experienced first-hand.


The Lakes

Very few places in the UK measure up to the outlandishly beautiful Lake District. As breath-taking as any scenery you’re likely to encounter in the French Alps, The Lake District is a sweeping panorama of rolling hillsides, humpbacked mountains and razor-blade crags, all held together by some of the largest natural lakes in the United Kingdom. With this backdrop, it’s hardly surprising that the area is a major draw for tourists, whether they camp rough, or enjoy a more luxurious stay at somewhere like Southlakeland Lodges.

Breath-taking Natural Beauty

A stunning holiday doesn’t necessarily mean an all-expenses paid trip to Rio, or indeed an Amazonian trek. For there are still areas of breath-taking natural beauty to be found in the less exotic corners of the world too. So before you book that flight to South America, consider a trip to the UK instead.



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