Top Places To Visit in Europe for a River Holiday

July 18, 2014 • Travel Tips • Views: 4941

Europe is a lovely place to explore, whether you choose to do so by train, bus, car or boat. There are a number of rivers throughout Europe that make it a perfect destination for visiting on a river cruise. Many small, quaint towns are built around the rivers in Europe and traveling by river cruise is a unique way to see a different side of Europe. Many places you’ve been before can feel very different when you explore them on enchanting European river cruises. For some suggestions of the best places to enjoy a river cruise, read on. 


Paris to Prague:

Prague and Prague are extremely different cities and while they both have a romantic, old world charm there is a distinct flavour to each of them. Paris is the most popular travel destination in the world, and for good reason – there’s so much to see and do here. From the Louvre to the Effiel tower, Paris is jam packed full of great destinations. Along the way you’ll pass by Heidelberg,  which is the oldest university town in Germany. Prague has a lot of history crammed into one city and is filled with beautiful architecture. This is a great way to see two very important cities in Europe’s history while enjoying a leisurely cruise. 

Cruising the Rhine:Although there are many ways you can cruise the Rhine, a popular route is from Amsterdam to Basel in Switzerland. While Amsterdam has a bit of a history as a dirty city, with the red light district and the legalisation of marijuana, it is a very beautiful city. Filled with canals, it is the perfect place to explore by boat and a great base for any Rhine river cruise. Along the way you’ll pass through a number of cities, including Cologne, Konlenz, Rudesheim, Heidelberg, Speyer, Strasbourgh and Breiscash before eventually arriving in Basel. This cruise can easily be done in 8 days, offering enough time to relax and visit many of these great cities.

Delightful Danube:

Do you love classical cities that don’t feel completely overrun by tourists? Well then cruising along the Danube might be the best option for you. Along the Danube, you’ll visit some of Europe’s most underrated cities including Budapest in Hungary, Bratislava in Slovakia, Vienna and Salzburg, both of which are located in Austria. These cities have a lot to offer especially in terms of architecture and great food. For many of these cities the Danube goes straight through the centre of the city, making for a very interesting way to arrive – much more interesting than just landing in an airport.

Europe has so much to offer in terms of river cruises that the hardest decision will probably be narrowing down where you’ll go. No matter the time of year, river cruising in Europe is a great way to see a perspective of Europe you might otherwise miss.

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